Sunday, August 5, 2012

Meido for Charity!

As one of the maids for Cafe Delish, I had the pleasure of working for an event where the proceeds go towards charity. Since our home base is Anime North, our afternoon tea earnings go towards Sick Kids Hospital Foundation, since the convention is one of the fundraisers for the Foundation. 

We also had the pleasure of raising money for the Canadian Red Cross last year for Japan Relief after the devastating tsunami that hit Fukushima and other affected areas. For the last 3 years, maids have been designing limited edition pins to sell to earn more money for charity, and the money made from these sales are given to a charity of Bosu & Yumi's choice.

This year, our pin sales and extra money earned from Anime North and the smaller cafe event at Atomic Lollipop were donated to World Wildlife Fund. (*o*@)!!

World Wildlife Fund
For WWF, you adopt endangered animal plushes with charitable donations. Proceeds go towards conservation projects to ensure diversity and global effort to help endangered species and habitats. We earned enough this year for all the maids and staff to receive an animal! It was a great effort everyone, but definitely worth it!
At our wrap up party, we were all presented with our animals. Since I volunteered for two events this year, I was allowed to adopt another animal from our proceeds from Atomic Lollipop!

Let's meet my new adoptions!

Riku, a Jaguar!
Shamu, an Orca
All the maids ended up choosing a different animal each, and I chose one of the newly added animals on the adoption list, a Jaguar! He's really cute and cuddly, the plush fur they used is very soft. I named him Riku (^__^*)/
The second animal I adopted was an Orca, killer whale. It reminds me when I was younger going to SeaWorld and watching the shows there. So, I named her Shamu ♥!

I think the plushes are super adorable and are very good quality. It also helps to know that the money used to adopt them are going towards a great cause. 

Adoption papers!
Each animal comes with a booklet with information and facts of the adopted animal. There is also a personalized certificate of adoption and as a tribute for donating to WWF. A small trading card of the animal is included with the slogan to "Collect them all!"
The certificates have my name on them, so I opted to cover up my name with some of the pins designed this year for this charity, and to keep me anonymous (^__~)*!

The US site for WWF has a large and extensive amount of animals to adopt and collect, and I wish we could also have that selection as well! I know Keiko wants to collect them all!

So, cheers to another successful year for Cafe Delish!
Until next year and a new charity, perhaps?