Thursday, April 21, 2011

New job for now and Happy Easter.

Got myself a new part time job. Yay..income :) My cousin in England sent me a Congratulations card, it cracked me up considering she mentioned this to be my first 'real' job, but it's not...the real deal. I definitely won't be making a career out of this PT job, but it's just something for me to have as I keep hunting for the one. Since I'm new though, I'm the lowest on the seniority I got some really crappy shifts this past week.

Nothing a bit of coffee can't fix!

There are lots of new interesting characters at work, but it's going to be hard trying to remember everyone's names...I've got about 6-7 down right now, 20 more to go? LOL

Last week, we had a small doll meet up at my sister's place with Alice. She brought Myles and I brought along my resin children. 

Look at the blonds, hehe.
Ventus (Volks MSDB Ken), Delilah (DollnDoll Heart Mo), and Myles (Luts Honey Delf Taffy).

 Since Alice and I have been plotting, somehow we agreed that Delilah had to give Myles cooties, then somehow they were betrothed to each other...I don't even remember how it all worked. LOL
But they look darn cute in their duckie outfits!!

I took some new pictures of Delilah today. The sun wasn't out, and it was a bit cloudy but the sky seemed bright enough for some pictures.

Such a contemplative face. . . ♥
Myles, where are you?

There's not much to say for now. Need to continue cutting the clothes for my plushies for AN, now that I have the weekend to myself, I'm going to work hard to get everything cut I can sew it all as soon as possible.

Have a good weekend and Happy Easter everyone!

Friday, April 8, 2011

China, AN '11, and BJD comparisons

So I came back from my China trip a few days ago, but I've been feeling unwell ever since I got back. Mom says it's cause I'm purging China out of my system, LOL. I'm just glad I didn't feel like crap when I was on the trip, cause it would be a bummer.

At the China Pavillion at the Expo site in Shanghai. Lots of tourists and buses! The wait to get in was 2.5 hours long. We...didn't bother to waste our time with that...
We went on the promotional tours done by the Chinese government to get people of Chinese descent to go back to China and see how much it's changed and to 'invest' in the country. For $49, the trip was a bargain. The hotel, food and transport was organized for us. All we had to do was show up (airfare). There are plenty of things I need to blog about regarding the trip, but I'll wait until my sister has uploaded most of the pics and I'll do some photo-blogs with them. 

Places we went to: Shanghai, Wuxi, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Nanjing
Lots of horrors and nasties with China though...I don't think I want to go back for another 15 years. LOL Maybe even 20. I can deal with Hong Kong, but China...oh man, I'm not mentally prepped for many years to come. The sad thing is, I know what I'm getting myself into, but everytime...China seems to exceed my standard of gross-ness and 'near death' experiences...

While I was away, one of my awesome friends helped me get a Crafter's Corner table at Anime North this year. This will be very exciting :) I finished the poring army, and they will be sold in the Dealer's now it's time to get cracking on the stuff for the CC. However, since I've been feeling pretty bad for the last few days, my initial 'schedule' was thrown out the window since I didn't feel like doing anything. Today, I managed to cut out a ton of body parts for plushies. 
Mochi's will return and since I already have those made, I don't have to worry about them too much. Then, I'll work on the BJD stuff to sell at AN. Hopefully I can get a decent amount done. Need to think of a them for the doll set up I'll have at AN...hmmm....Alice, help meeeeee LOL
I'll be running around between the CC table and Maid Cafe on Saturday of the convention...I have a feeling I'm going to be tired. ^__^'

Luts order came in that my sis and I placed before we left on the China trip. Lots of new goodies for my dolls. Ventus and Delilah are sporting new hairdos and Delilah finally has all her new cute shoes. 

I think Ven looks more like a boy with the new wig. I love how his eyes photograph too, so expressive and catch the light much easier than his original Volks ones.

I'll take some photos of Delilah later..and spam with her on another blog :) I haven't spammed too much with Zephyria lately, she's kind of in a bit of limbo since I'm not sure what to dress her up in right now LOL. She doesn't even have shoes on...
However, I placed her bunny ears on Ven today for funny pictures~

The new Luts hands came in with the order, and I'm surprised they fit well and the resin matches close enough with the Volks resin. However, it is a bit more white, while the Volks hands are more yellow.

Left: Luts Kid Delf Hands - 1 (Guns), Right: Volks MSDB Hands
I found the Ven's hands were chubbier than Zephyria's! I mean..her's were chubby enough..but his are very child-like and chubby. Oh well..
You can see the different in the resin color, but the joint fits in pretty well with the forearm. I'm quite impressed :) I'll take more fun pics of Ven with the guns later on too. I'm not too worried about the resin difference since his arms would be covered with sleeves anyways. Got them for a special purpose... so the difference won't be that noticeable. The Luts hands are beautiful though, very detailed....still want a Luts doll, this is horrible. LOL

Until next time! I'll upload the goodies I got in China...which aren't many, but still amusing :)