Project: KOS-MOS (Volks DD custom)

I was approached last year around November with a commission of making a custom KOS-MOS Dollfie Dream by my sister's boyfriend. I've know about the project since earlier in the year because they wanted to make it themselves, but my sister ended up giving up making the outfit/armor all together. So, that's where I entered the picture.

I thought it was amusing that they chose KOS-MOS but she is still a popular and iconic character from the Xenosaga series. I had already made myself a cosplay of KOS-MOS, so the difficulty would not be much greater than that.

The most labor intensive parts were the bodysuit and the armor. It all to be fitted properly and sculpted to fit the Dollfie Dream body. 

The project was supposed to be done for Tokyo's May Doll Party 27, and I kicked a large portion of the project into action around the end of March and all through April. 
I managed to finish it time for the Dolpa, and I was quite impressed with the end result.
My sister documented a large process of the how it was made on her blog while I updated her with the progress of the project. : KOS-MOS

May I present KOS-MOS.

Photo Credit: Archangeli

Photo Credit: Archangeli


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