Friday, July 29, 2011

Doll meetup with Alice

Alice came by today to pick up her BJD items I`ve been keeping for her since our group orders. Seems like every time I see her I have more of her doll things to give her...LOL
She wanted to meet Lareine, who she still calls Sage (so I`ve just opted to have Sage as her middle name) and the usual looking at my room which is kind of overkill for the eyes. `SO MUCH STUFF` as I can quote from Alice.
She brought over Louis and Myles!

Here are the little ones, Myles meets Lareine for the first time!
Funny how they`re all wearing the same color scheme. I like all the pom poms on Myles`outfit! Haha It`s super cute :)

The lighting kind of washed out Louis` face! Darnit.. but his outfit is so cute!! Alice....I see you splurged on some random outfits! I really loved his hat.

I was showing Alice some of the funny settings on the new camera I have. There`s this `Magic Frame` function and I decided to use it for some funny pictures.
The wall paper is WIN! LOL Look who`s on tv! We spend so much money on dolls that we can`t afford a better looking tv... ;)

Group picture!
From top to bottom, left to right:
Ventus, Volks MSDB Ken (`10 Renewal)
Louis, Blue Fairy Basic Louis
Myles, Luts HDF Taffy WS
Delilah, DollnDoll Heart Mo
Lareine, Rosen Lied TC Sage WS

Alice asked if I had a movie reel magic frame. This is the closest I have to it...but it`s still as cool I think!
I like the additional color effect it adds to the picture. :)

Alice was nice enough to give me one of her Rilakkuma Re-ment sets! We all know my love for yellow birds...and this was just too awesome, I had to take a picture!

I think she had a good time checking out the mechanisms for Lareine`s legs. She likes how they all click in place and how she`s very sturdy. She kept talking about the clicking and the kicking, and I had no clue what she was talking about. So I decided to pick up Myles...then it all made sense. LOL
I also showed her the pelvic joint that Rosen Lied has for their dolls instead of the torso joint on Tuesday Childs. I quite like how the joint is lower..helps with the positioning better. The white skin between Lareine and Myles matches very well. I think if we decided to do a body switch and give Myles more chubby hands and legs, you probably wouldn`t be able to tell the difference between the resin much.

Anyways, I was supposed to update with post-Cafe Delish stuff...but I`ll definitely update about it in the next post!

Extra: Omake picture!
Kam Kam is looking at you...!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pokemon White!!

I spent the weekend crashing my friends condo downtown to help prep for our maid cafe party. Started off with my sister and I going out shopping to a distant far away mall near my work. I've never been there so I thought it would be an interesting adventure to go. The shops were pretty much the same...but they did have a lego store which was nice. They don't make lego like they used to (when my sister and I were younger). It just seems more cheaper looking and not I can't put it into words...

However, they had this really nice Harry Potter set, and the quality of it reminded us of the stuff we still/used to have. It was 200 dollars though....but considering it was such a nice would be worth the investment if I was still into lego. LOL It was the Harry Potter Diagon Alley set..!

Anyways....I didn't do much in terms of helping prep the food for our BBQ we were going to have the day after...and Cindy let me open her brand new game of Pokemon White. They unleashed the inner pokemon trainer in me. LOL I haven't played Pokemon in YEARS. The last one I played was either Gold or it's been awhile. Actually, no, the last one I played was the remake of Red; Fire Red! 
All the Pokemon have changed..but the format is all the same. The graphics are 100x better than the original games! It's really neat actually! Castelia City's skyarrow bridge is really cool...I was staring at my screen mesmerized with how the graphics have become so much better!!
Pinwheel forest! I'm off to look for Pansage or Panpour! I already have Pansear~
Btw, I love my light blue NDS...*o* Worked hard to buy this a few years ago!

Anyways, Cindy offered to give me her game since I logged about 3 hours of game time..and it wouldn't make sense for me to redo everything all over again. I'll have to buy her another one since I took hers...oops! The funny thing is that I named all my pokemon I caught at the beginning of the game a bunch of funny names...and now I'm stuck with them. It's a good thing I find them amusing though!

I'm working on leveling up and hopefully we can all battle each other!

Since Jordan and Cindy went to Japan a couple months ago, they were showing us the swag they got. Jordan was nice enough to give me one of these from the Pokemon Center.

It's a blind packaged tin item with chocolate inside. Unfortunately, I didn't read that it was chocolate, but I initially liked it because of the tin and how the size would be good for storing my pressed penny collection. The tin would have a picture of the pokemon you see on the packaging or 1 of 4 secret ones.

I got a secret one! Pikachu! Ahh it's so cute!! ♥ Thanks Jordan!!

The next post, I'll talk and post pics from the Wrap Up Cafe Delish Party. I was really tired that day since I didn't get much sleep the night before...I was kind of a zombie. And all the caffeine didn't really help for some reason. I must have build up a decent tolerance to it and I didn't even know >_<;

Lareine's new look. I quite like it! She's stealing things from Delilah's wardrobe, hehe.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ciel Phantomhive

I finally finished the small project I started on a few weeks ago. I got this idea to dress up my boy BJD as Ciel Phantomhive from Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler). I had all the fabrics to make it..and it seemed like a fun project :)

The only thing I didn't make from this outfit are the shoes and the wig. ^__^' I commissioned the eyes from a DoA member, and I love how they photograph. ♥

My name is Ciel...

Did you need something?

Ven is giving off this cold vibe as Ciel! It's quite unexpected..he looks a lot more like Ciel than I originally thought he could look like...

This is my favorite picture of the bunch.
The pentacle eye is so striking. ♥

It was fun making the outfit. The jacket is fully lined, I made it when I had some night shifts and I was trying to keep my sleep schedule consistent. It was funny cause I was sewing throughout the night and by the time 8am rolled around...I went to bed. Talk about messed up sleep...LOL
I had a bit of trouble making the not as perfect as I would want it..but maybe that's just me being a bit picky.
The shoes are such a pain to get on. It's so frustrating...and it's even worse trying to take them off. I have to say that Ventus is going to be in this outfit for awhile. LOL Sorry love >3<;

Go ahead and leave me some :D!

I wonder what my next sewing project will be...hmm..

Friday, July 15, 2011

Guu Sakabar!

My sister and I went to Guu Sakabar last week since I had gone the week before with Alice and she wanted to go try it out after I was saying it was great :D

Let's start with the pictures and review!
It was a hot day so we ordered some drinks. I didn't feel like alcohol, so we both got Ramune. A partial donation to Japanese relief is donated from Ramune purchases, which I thought was very nice. The labels on the Ramune are customized for Guu! Guu is Guuud!

My sister's Kinoko Cheese Bimbimbap. It's got mushrooms and cheese in it. The just tried a bit of the rice, and it just tasted like really good seaweed..LOL I don't like mushrooms, so this dish was all hers.

My Okonomiyaki! I feel like it's not as good as Okonomi house's okonomiyaki, as it's not as flavorful. It's very thick compared to Okonomi House (The pancake part of it), but the yakisoba noodles underneath are Amazing. They taste so good...on nom nom. (I've been told this is more like the okonomiyaki in Japan though...LOL...can I say I just like the noodles then? XD)

 Ootoro Freak! I only had a little piece of the sushi at the top, but my sister Really liked it. It's a bit pricey, but the fish is very fresh and she was in tuna heaven for a bit. Best way to eat it is from the sushi side then progress to the right (or left) of it. It apparently gets tastier as you go :)
My Takoyaki Gratin! I don't usually like cheese too much, but this is...a great combination. I love takoyaki, but this is SO good! It's a shame that this location of Guu doesn't offer normal takoyaki like the Izakaya location, but this works just as well :) Best to eat this if you also have someone else with you who like takoyaki. It's very filling...and if you eat it by yourself, you're pretty much done the meal. LOL! (I ate it all by myself the time I went with Alice...I had a major food baby).

Sister decided to order the Gindara. Miso-marinated black cod with some yuzu miso sauce. It was so tasty and cooked perfectly. It melted inside your mouth! It's also a bit pricey...but it's definitely worth it.

The last time I went, I got Goma Zukushi, and it was an overload on sesame! It's ok if you share it with someone, but I had to eat it all by myself, and my stomach was about to burst. So, this time I asked just for the sesame ice cream. I love Guu's sesame ice cream! The waitress was really cute about it and went back and forth asking if I could just get the ice cream and how much it would be. 
My sister ordered the almond tofu, and it was very good! I had a small bit though..she didn't share, like I wouldn't share much of my sesame ice cream..LOL

The nice thing about this Guu location is that if you go on a weekday, you can wander in around 7pm and there are still seats available. The seats in the semi-traditional area are usually taken up since it's a bit of a novelty, but when we left around 7:30, there were plenty of seats in the non-traditional area. I still like going in a bit early to eat, because the less people means that it's not as noisy. 
The semi-traditional area isn't suited for large parties though, the most they can accomodate is 5-6 without it getting awkward and uncomfortable. Getting the 3 person seat in the corner also isn't fun either :(
The service is great, the waiters, waitresses and the cooks all welcome you when you come in and leave, It's a bit of a shock if you're not used to it, but I think it adds to the fun of Guu. They are helpful if you ask for recommendations and describe the drinks and food pretty well to you if you don't know what they are.
Guu is still pricey for the wallet though, so I definitely could not go all the time...especially if you like their expensive foods! However, I think it's fun if you have more people go because you can order and try many different things.

Go get Guu'd! ♥

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


So last week, I met up with my friends Jordan and Cindy and they gave me the rest of my yellow bird swag from Japan. LOL Yes...I have a small and growing obsession with yellow birds...

Look at all the Chun-kuns!! I think I squealed when I saw them...I love the bird from Rilakkuma. Kiiroitori!! ♥
The sauna Chun-kun is cute, that one and the one with the flowers are keychains. The one on the bottom is a screen cleaner..which I find amusing and probably won't use it for that...
The big one is a pass holder, and it's so cute..omg I was looking at it the whole time... :D

This thing made me LAUGH! It's a yellow bird...shrimp combo. LOL Apparently they had to get it for me cause it was such a crazy combination! For some reason...when I look at it, I think of tempura...I don't know why though...

The last item is this! A yellow bird in a nest! I think the packaging is really cute. The plush is a keychain and I didn't take a picture, but the feet of the bird are really funny looking. They're two...pieces of string. LOL
I don't know anything of the Hetalia series..but it's from it...can anyone enlighten me with how this bird is associated with the series? :D

I never told them, but I had a weird collection of smushed penny coins. You know the machines where you put in 50 cents and a penny and it flattens it out and embosses an image onto one side.
Apparently, Cindy was on yellow bird mode, and she found one that had a yellow bird in it. LOL

It's Rilakkuma again! And there's kiiroitori on top! I like getting these things as small souvenirs from places...since it's cheap and reminds me of the place. This is super amusing though! Kuma kuma~~

I wonder..if there's a mameshiba one!?!

I've been experimenting with a new camera. It takes some really nice pictures blog update will be about my dolls! Or maybe a food journal..stay tuned!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Lareine arrives! Box opening pictures.

Yesterday, I was woken up by the postman who had two boxes for me! How exciting :) One was the Luts order I made with my sister and Alice, the other one was my newest doll that I just finished on layaway about a week before. 

I immediately went inside...squealed, and called my sister telling her that she had to get her bum over to have a box opening welcome party for my new doll. And to pick up her items from the Luts order...and mooch some of the food in the house. LOL

I've been pining for a Rosen Lied Sage for awhile actually...and it doesn't help that the LE editions of Sage are so lovely. I saw this girl up for adoption on DoA, and I immediately contacted the seller. She is the limited time release from earlier this year between Jan-Feb.

Lareine, a Rosen Lied Tuesday's Child Sage WS

Zephyria, Airy and Ventus come to welcome Lareine. 
Delilah sits strategically to block out my name and address. ♥

It just so happens...that my dolls were in cosplay when she arrived..just because I was making outfits for Ventus...and Delilah seems to enjoy her Hinaichigo outfit. (But they do look I didn't bother changing their outfits ^__^' )

My sister's Airy helps open the shipping box :)

Lots of peanuts and bubble wrap later, my sister and I pull out the lovely box.

The box was really beautiful. 
Delilah comes to investigate...

My sister and I pulled all the extra bubble wrap and protection aside and laid everything out nicely in the box. The certificate and manual are on the side.

I see eye?! LOL
I love that teddybear's so cute and amusing. I was surprised to see that the extra bunny ear parts (hidden in the top left hand corner) and the dress were not opened by the previous owner. Her wig is not the standard default one that came with this set, however I did not mind that fact. I also bought the pair of boots off the seller since I thought they were super cute...♥

The face up was custom by the previous seller. I think it's so lovely, she did an amazing job on it ♥

The Rosen Lied headplate. It's so pretty!

Her she is all dressed up. The wig is Very beautiful. My sister and I were staring and admiring it for a bit.. ;)

Delilah comes to say hi... :)

The welcoming committee!

I decided to try on the wig that I had gotten from Luts on Lareine today. It's definitely a different look...but I like the blond :)
It took my sister and I almost half an hour to change one of her hands. It was painful...since the stringing was so tight and the hook was so tiny. It was a major I didn't bother to change her other one.

The next post, I'll focus more of the swag I got from the Luts order, like the puppets and stuff I got.

I love this doll....I'm so very happy to able to have her!

Thanks for looking! ♥

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Hanging out with friends & Yellow Birds...

I hung out with Alice earlier in the week to show her around downtown and to see where she could go and find supplies and stuff. We walked a lot and went to a lot of places...I didn't really buy much, just food. I have to say Morocco's frozen yogurt is quite horrible. It was chalky and grainy, and for 5 dollars, it was a waste of money. I thought the $3.50 for the small included a topping, but I had to pay extra for a topping! I really need to just stick to Yogen Fruz. At least I know their stuff is very good...
We also went to Okonomi house to have some okonomiyaki. I haven't been downtown eating out too much since school ended last year, so having okonomiyaki was very good :)
For dinner we hit up Guu Sakabar! It was amazing. The menu isn't the same as Guu Izakaya, but it's still good nonetheless. Takoyaki gratin!! I need to figure out what else is good there..since I just kind of randomly chose things. But the Kimchi Udon was very good..not too spicy.


I met up with a few of my old co-workers from when I used to work at Zara yesterday. I used to opportunity to cash in Louise's "IOU food" coupon and altogether, 4 of us got together and ate a lot of food! We went to Chako for some major KBBQ and we ate so much. It was a pretty decent deal..considering how much food they gave us...

Louise and I. =D ♥

Ricky and I grilling on our side. Mussels, chicken and pork are on this menu...LOL

 Our drinks. Lychee Calpis and Green Apple Soda.

Nelson eats like a beast! Holy crap..and watching him cook is hilarious cause he just throws all the meat onto the grill. I gotta say Ricky and I did a very decent job cooking since our grill looked nice until we had nothing on it and it starting charring...LOL

We went to Green Grotto to get some bubble tea or tea. Ricky and Louise got flower teas, Chrysanthemum and Rose respectively, while Nelson got some strawberry milkshake thing..LOL I got a herbal tea called "Longan Jujube". Sounds kind of ridiculous, but it was very Very good.

"Longan Jujube"

Ricky tried some of my tea and he's resolute of having that as his tea the next time he's going there. We spent a couple hours at Green Grotto just chatting and whatnot. Ricky's friend came by since he had nothing to do and joined us. Nelson and I cracked open the chess set they had there and started playing. We weren't playing too seriously and we would help each other along with moves to see how the game progressed. It was all in good fun, and he was dead set on turning all his pawns into queens. But he didn't remember he trapped his king with pawns, and I ended up checkmating him and winning the game by accident actually. He didn't see it coming either!


The day I hung out with Alice, I went to visit my friend's Kevin and Jordan since I was in the neighbourhood, and they gave me some gifts from Japan.
Now, I'm pretty easy to please and when they went, the only criteria I gave them was, "Yellow Birds...or something relating to yellow birds, or a pair of cheap lolita shoes from Bodyline, or something shiny :D" I told them yellow birds wre more of a priority since I have a growing obsession with them. Plus I think asking them to bring home a pair of shoes for me is a bit much..o_o; 

 I nearly died when Kevin gave me the Chun-kun socks!!! I LOVE chun-kun...or well Kiiroitori! He also got me the chun-kun cupcake keychain which is smush-able. It's funny cause I have the actually plush of the keychain. The rest were kind of mystery items...

 This is from Jordan and Cin. It was some kind of sweet, and I was so surprised when I opened it, it had a cute chick face!! I didn't want to eat it...I still have the other one..but I'll have to eat it soon or else it's going to go bad. I'm still not quite sure what it is actually...

 This is from Kevin, I was laughing when he gave it to me since I know he likes daruma items, and this is a daruma and yellow bird combined! I asked him what it was and he wasn't sure but he told me he got it at the 7-Eleven in Japan. From what I can gather, it's a 60 year anniversary item from a store named Marumiya. When I opened it, it was a sweet and salty mixed assortment of stuff with seaweed. I guess it's for toppings...?
I liked the detail on the packaging. Yellow bird daruma! :D

Some of my friends are coming over tonight for some movies and a bit of drinking. Tomorrow is going to be the Gay Pride parade downtown, and I'll probably meet up with Jordan and Cin to taste some of the food at the festival. I'm not too interested in the I don't think I'll bother watching that. 
I'm having an eventful Canada Day weekend, hope everyone else is too! ♥