Friday, July 15, 2011

Guu Sakabar!

My sister and I went to Guu Sakabar last week since I had gone the week before with Alice and she wanted to go try it out after I was saying it was great :D

Let's start with the pictures and review!
It was a hot day so we ordered some drinks. I didn't feel like alcohol, so we both got Ramune. A partial donation to Japanese relief is donated from Ramune purchases, which I thought was very nice. The labels on the Ramune are customized for Guu! Guu is Guuud!

My sister's Kinoko Cheese Bimbimbap. It's got mushrooms and cheese in it. The just tried a bit of the rice, and it just tasted like really good seaweed..LOL I don't like mushrooms, so this dish was all hers.

My Okonomiyaki! I feel like it's not as good as Okonomi house's okonomiyaki, as it's not as flavorful. It's very thick compared to Okonomi House (The pancake part of it), but the yakisoba noodles underneath are Amazing. They taste so good...on nom nom. (I've been told this is more like the okonomiyaki in Japan though...LOL...can I say I just like the noodles then? XD)

 Ootoro Freak! I only had a little piece of the sushi at the top, but my sister Really liked it. It's a bit pricey, but the fish is very fresh and she was in tuna heaven for a bit. Best way to eat it is from the sushi side then progress to the right (or left) of it. It apparently gets tastier as you go :)
My Takoyaki Gratin! I don't usually like cheese too much, but this is...a great combination. I love takoyaki, but this is SO good! It's a shame that this location of Guu doesn't offer normal takoyaki like the Izakaya location, but this works just as well :) Best to eat this if you also have someone else with you who like takoyaki. It's very filling...and if you eat it by yourself, you're pretty much done the meal. LOL! (I ate it all by myself the time I went with Alice...I had a major food baby).

Sister decided to order the Gindara. Miso-marinated black cod with some yuzu miso sauce. It was so tasty and cooked perfectly. It melted inside your mouth! It's also a bit pricey...but it's definitely worth it.

The last time I went, I got Goma Zukushi, and it was an overload on sesame! It's ok if you share it with someone, but I had to eat it all by myself, and my stomach was about to burst. So, this time I asked just for the sesame ice cream. I love Guu's sesame ice cream! The waitress was really cute about it and went back and forth asking if I could just get the ice cream and how much it would be. 
My sister ordered the almond tofu, and it was very good! I had a small bit though..she didn't share, like I wouldn't share much of my sesame ice cream..LOL

The nice thing about this Guu location is that if you go on a weekday, you can wander in around 7pm and there are still seats available. The seats in the semi-traditional area are usually taken up since it's a bit of a novelty, but when we left around 7:30, there were plenty of seats in the non-traditional area. I still like going in a bit early to eat, because the less people means that it's not as noisy. 
The semi-traditional area isn't suited for large parties though, the most they can accomodate is 5-6 without it getting awkward and uncomfortable. Getting the 3 person seat in the corner also isn't fun either :(
The service is great, the waiters, waitresses and the cooks all welcome you when you come in and leave, It's a bit of a shock if you're not used to it, but I think it adds to the fun of Guu. They are helpful if you ask for recommendations and describe the drinks and food pretty well to you if you don't know what they are.
Guu is still pricey for the wallet though, so I definitely could not go all the time...especially if you like their expensive foods! However, I think it's fun if you have more people go because you can order and try many different things.

Go get Guu'd! ♥


  1. Right, I'm definitely getting the Ootoro Freak next time (when ever) I go there again...! *drool*

  2. Had the MeguTata (Meguro Tataki) today, just as good as at the Izakaya location, but it was on the changing "paper" menu so it's not always there.

    Also tried the Deep fried Brie Cheese - if you like Brie cheese (which Kev and I both do) it's AMAZING.

    Kev also ordered the sashimi salad - it's huge and filling. Lots of fresh greens with a mix of salmon and seared tuna sashimi and wasabi-mayo on top. Very nice.

    Tried the Rice Burger too - won't order it again. There's just too much damn mayo on it, and the one from MOS-Burger was infinitely better :D

  3. Bring me there when I come down to TO for FanExpo! I know you don't want to go to the con, but just take a night off to have dinner with me and prob Alice~~

  4. @Pheleon, you got it! Guu we shall go! :D And dragging Alice too. She has no say. LOL