Saturday, July 9, 2011

Lareine arrives! Box opening pictures.

Yesterday, I was woken up by the postman who had two boxes for me! How exciting :) One was the Luts order I made with my sister and Alice, the other one was my newest doll that I just finished on layaway about a week before. 

I immediately went inside...squealed, and called my sister telling her that she had to get her bum over to have a box opening welcome party for my new doll. And to pick up her items from the Luts order...and mooch some of the food in the house. LOL

I've been pining for a Rosen Lied Sage for awhile actually...and it doesn't help that the LE editions of Sage are so lovely. I saw this girl up for adoption on DoA, and I immediately contacted the seller. She is the limited time release from earlier this year between Jan-Feb.

Lareine, a Rosen Lied Tuesday's Child Sage WS

Zephyria, Airy and Ventus come to welcome Lareine. 
Delilah sits strategically to block out my name and address. ♥

It just so happens...that my dolls were in cosplay when she arrived..just because I was making outfits for Ventus...and Delilah seems to enjoy her Hinaichigo outfit. (But they do look I didn't bother changing their outfits ^__^' )

My sister's Airy helps open the shipping box :)

Lots of peanuts and bubble wrap later, my sister and I pull out the lovely box.

The box was really beautiful. 
Delilah comes to investigate...

My sister and I pulled all the extra bubble wrap and protection aside and laid everything out nicely in the box. The certificate and manual are on the side.

I see eye?! LOL
I love that teddybear's so cute and amusing. I was surprised to see that the extra bunny ear parts (hidden in the top left hand corner) and the dress were not opened by the previous owner. Her wig is not the standard default one that came with this set, however I did not mind that fact. I also bought the pair of boots off the seller since I thought they were super cute...♥

The face up was custom by the previous seller. I think it's so lovely, she did an amazing job on it ♥

The Rosen Lied headplate. It's so pretty!

Her she is all dressed up. The wig is Very beautiful. My sister and I were staring and admiring it for a bit.. ;)

Delilah comes to say hi... :)

The welcoming committee!

I decided to try on the wig that I had gotten from Luts on Lareine today. It's definitely a different look...but I like the blond :)
It took my sister and I almost half an hour to change one of her hands. It was painful...since the stringing was so tight and the hook was so tiny. It was a major I didn't bother to change her other one.

The next post, I'll focus more of the swag I got from the Luts order, like the puppets and stuff I got.

I love this doll....I'm so very happy to able to have her!

Thanks for looking! ♥