Friday, July 29, 2011

Doll meetup with Alice

Alice came by today to pick up her BJD items I`ve been keeping for her since our group orders. Seems like every time I see her I have more of her doll things to give her...LOL
She wanted to meet Lareine, who she still calls Sage (so I`ve just opted to have Sage as her middle name) and the usual looking at my room which is kind of overkill for the eyes. `SO MUCH STUFF` as I can quote from Alice.
She brought over Louis and Myles!

Here are the little ones, Myles meets Lareine for the first time!
Funny how they`re all wearing the same color scheme. I like all the pom poms on Myles`outfit! Haha It`s super cute :)

The lighting kind of washed out Louis` face! Darnit.. but his outfit is so cute!! Alice....I see you splurged on some random outfits! I really loved his hat.

I was showing Alice some of the funny settings on the new camera I have. There`s this `Magic Frame` function and I decided to use it for some funny pictures.
The wall paper is WIN! LOL Look who`s on tv! We spend so much money on dolls that we can`t afford a better looking tv... ;)

Group picture!
From top to bottom, left to right:
Ventus, Volks MSDB Ken (`10 Renewal)
Louis, Blue Fairy Basic Louis
Myles, Luts HDF Taffy WS
Delilah, DollnDoll Heart Mo
Lareine, Rosen Lied TC Sage WS

Alice asked if I had a movie reel magic frame. This is the closest I have to it...but it`s still as cool I think!
I like the additional color effect it adds to the picture. :)

Alice was nice enough to give me one of her Rilakkuma Re-ment sets! We all know my love for yellow birds...and this was just too awesome, I had to take a picture!

I think she had a good time checking out the mechanisms for Lareine`s legs. She likes how they all click in place and how she`s very sturdy. She kept talking about the clicking and the kicking, and I had no clue what she was talking about. So I decided to pick up Myles...then it all made sense. LOL
I also showed her the pelvic joint that Rosen Lied has for their dolls instead of the torso joint on Tuesday Childs. I quite like how the joint is lower..helps with the positioning better. The white skin between Lareine and Myles matches very well. I think if we decided to do a body switch and give Myles more chubby hands and legs, you probably wouldn`t be able to tell the difference between the resin much.

Anyways, I was supposed to update with post-Cafe Delish stuff...but I`ll definitely update about it in the next post!

Extra: Omake picture!
Kam Kam is looking at you...!


  1. Ahh you're so fast!! I love your pics!! Especially the one with your two pretty girls T3T!! Hope you don't mind if I steal a few! I love the Volks shoes btw, they are def worth it T_T but I gotta stop with the outfits omg T_T
    gotta figure out how to import pics from my ipod now >< P.S. That cat has a name? Kam Kam? LOL that's so funny/cute hahaha

  2. Haha thanksss! Your kids are welcome to my girl harem. Ventus' harem LOL

    Sure, go ahead and use some pics :) Yea...I guess you should stop with the shopping spree. YOU AND ME ON LOCK DOWN MODE LOL. YEAH. DAIKONS AND RANDOMS FROM JAPAN! YEAH LOL

    Yeah, Kam Kam! The dog is named Don Don..LOL I have magnets of them both..I'll take pics of them sometime haha, They're very amusing :)

  3. What a lovely batch, Myles and Lareine and Delilah looks like siblings! ♥ I love those frames you used too! Just too awesome!

    I have a honey delf too and he posts really well but I wish his legs can stay in place. Everytime I pick him up his legs keeps bending backwards!

    And lol at the Kam Kam photo! rofl

  4. Ohh they do look like siblings! There are more funny frames I'll have to test out. Some are quite ridiculous!

    Yeah, I didn't understand until I picked Myles up. And his legs kicked back like he was doing some crazy yoga pose/stretch. XD

    Kam Kam looks at you too....LOL