Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lareine, the bratty princess

I've kind of fallen off the earth lately...been busy with work and hanging out with family. I just came back from a two trip to Buffalo. It was amusing and fun, but I didn't really buy much. Nothing really caught my attention.
My sister brought over Makoto, so she's visiting for a bit. I'll have to start making some clothes for Lilith, so I can finally give her back to my friends. LOL She's been sitting on my guitar case for awhile...and I've just been delaying developing and making patterns and clothes for her...oops.

Then I'll have to start making some stuff for Makoto....which should be interesting. Those boobs o-o;; LOL

Time to upload a couple of Lareine's looks... :)
The lighting kind of washed her out a bit...but I love this look on her. She really looks like the bratty princess that she is meant to be. The outfit was bought off DoA and made to resemble Rosen Lied's clothing. I decided to not bother with the shorts she came with and made a skirt to match the outfit. 

I whipped up the skirt very quickly and I luckily had fabric and trim very similar to the top :) The skirt looks much better...and I like how it's so poofy.

Cool Brat look? lol
She was in this outfit for a bit...I thought it all worked well together. I really like the hat...I might have to get another one from the seller on's just so amusing :)
You get to see all my stuff that sits on my dresser in the background. Lots of Gundam Seed stuff...I had a huge obsession with that series...especially for Lacus and Kira ♥

Delilah's been hiding for a while so that mom can't see her and realize how many dolls I actually have....doesn't have that I have extra dolls visiting...even if I did bring her out I don't know where to sit her!
That concludes Lareine's photos for now. I'll probably have more spam later :)

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  1. Ooooh, lovely Lareine looks so high and mighty!! >w<