Thursday, August 25, 2011

Macaron Journey - Part 1 (featuring On Patisserie)

One of my little hobbies with my sister is going around the world and trying different macarons from different Patisseries or cafes. What are macarons?

A macaron is a sweet confectionery made with egg whites, icing sugar, granulated sugar, almond powder or ground almond, and food coloring. The macaron is commonly filled with buttercream or jam filling sandwiched between two cookies. Its name is derived from an Italian word "maccarone" or "maccherone". This word is itself derived from ammaccare, meaning crush or beat, used here in reference to the almond paste which is the principal ingredient. It is meringue-based: made from a mixture of egg whites, almond flour, and both granulated and confectionery sugar. (Shamelessly copied and pasted from Wikipedia.)

Ladurée's 12 piece set. Lots of vanilla (my favorite!) and some seasonal flavors. I'll blog about it later :)

My cousin was visiting from England for the past couple weeks, and we got together earlier this week before she left. We went out for tea and she treated me to macarons since she knew that I was obsessed with them. These macarons are from On Cafe. Imported from London! Haha...they weren't fresh obviously, but she kept them in the freezer while she was here...and by the time we sorted out where we wanted to get a drink, they had defrosted. (It's not the ideal way to enjoy a macaron...but refrigerating them does help a lot :) Especially if you have a 12 piece set you want to enjoy...!)

A small 5-piece set from On Cafe! I love the simplistic yet very attractive packaging. Must be the colour scheme that makes me happy... :)

I thought the way the 5th macaron was arranged was kind of odd. It was the buffer for the rest, so it got crushed and banged up a lot more than the others. I think if it was on some sort of tray to keep it in place it would have been better, although Ladurée, Jean Paul Hevin or Pierre Hermé are just boxes too. It's not a big deal. However, it happens, once in awhile a stray macaron does get crushed :(

Black sesame Glaced ginger & a smooth chocolate ganache. Poor thing got smushed!  It tasted severely of I was gagging for a bit...but then the sesame flavor came out.. which made it more bearable.(Let's recap a bit: I don't like chocolate, I don't like the taste of it and the texture. Yes, I'm odd and strange, but I do eat Green Tea Kit Kat bars from time to time...and the Sakura ones are bearable too.)

Cointreau Vanilla. So lovely!!! It tasted lovely too..although you don't taste too much of the cointreau...and overall the macaron is very creamy/buttery compared to Laduree. I really like the attention to detail they have for these macarons.

Mango. Tasted very delicious. The flavour is subtle and not overbearing, very nice. It is also very rich in texture and creamy/buttery. We were splitting all the macarons in half to share, I liked how you could see the layering of the buttercream.

So pretty right?! Chocolate Strawberry. It looked lovely, but the chocolate kind of killed me. My cousin started laughing at my facial expressions. More strawberry, less chocolate! (However, I think for the chocolate & strawberries lover out there, they would love this.) I really like the light glaze of silver they added on top of the biscuit on top. It may not add to the flavour but it does make the macaron seem so special.

Pink Peach & Champagne. This tasted like fluffy happiness. It was also very rich and creamy, but the taste was very lovely ♥ I think this was my favorite of all of the 5. It wasn't overly sweet, but it had just enough peach flavor and the buttercream just worked very well together. 

I think overall On Cafe has some great macarons. It seems that they are also a feast for the eyes, but it's not a cover up for lack of flavor. I think having a few of them at a time or sharing them with another person is a great way to enjoy them. It's a bit too rich and heavy. We couldn't place what exactly it was that made it a bit too much, but we suspect it's the buttercream.
I don't know when I'll be back in England again, but I'll think my sister and I will go there to get some more in the future :)

The Macaron Journey blog series will feature other macarons we've tried around the world. Please stay tuned for more and my comments about them! ♥


  1. Why are you tempting me even on your blog? LOL Luckily they aren't doll scale size for dolls. (¬_¬)

  2. I've got visits to London and HK lined up for September. I can bring home some JP Hévin from HK (talk about around the world for macarons! lol)

  3. @ Galileo, I don't mean to do it's not hard to make them in doll form though...obviously they can't be consumed though XD

    @Bmo: uh oh...maybe get one or two...since it's all chocalately @__@;;;

  4. *drools* And they're so beautifully artistic! They look like abstract art.
    You're so funny with your aversion for chocolate. I'm not a big choco fan either, but I can stand it.
    hehe, On... that's actually the same character in my "chinese" middle name. :D

  5. LOL I have another blog coming up with more macarons :D
    Yeah I really don't like chocolate...people say I'm messed up. I'm just unusual ;) But I will eat chocolate over mushrooms though. I REALLY REALLLLLY hate mushrooms...@_____@!!!!

    Wooo :D "chinese" middle name lol