Saturday, September 8, 2012

Casual boy

One of the things I've stumbled on lately on Den of Angels was Kakeru's default outfit that he wears in his promotional pictures and documentation papers. It was completely by accident as I wasn't actively looking for it, but I took the opportunity to get the set! It's not officially his default outfit, rather it was sold separately, and it was called, Cool Vest Set. 

The package arrived quite quickly and I was very amused by all the stamps the seller used on the envelope! Always amused when I see and get new stamps...although I don't collect them! I think there's something eclectic to it.. (^_^*)!

Olympic stamps!
The set itself is simple and cute. I like it since I don't really have a tiny sized boy wardrobe for he's safe from wearing dresses for now! The outfit comes with a shirt, vest, belt, cargo pants and shoes.

Volks Cool Vest Set
Honestly, I'm glad the print on the shirt makes sense! I was afraid of some odd engrish translation of some sort. The print says:

We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of the dream. 
Wandering by lone sea breakers, and sitting by desolate streams. 

Time to show a picture of Sora in his new outfit!
Rilakkuma hat Kiiroitori makes an appearance too! 

Sora, a Volks YoSD Kakeru
Until next time!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

My little boy, Sora!

I'm so behind on blogging, I haven't even introduced my new little one! One of my favourite doll sculpts out there, Volk's Yo-SD Kakeru was on my wish list for awhile. I just found his sculpt to be so cute and endearing.
I happened to see one for sale on the Den of Angels marketplace and after a couple weeks of contemplation whether to purchase or not because it was a bit expensive, I decided to go for it!
So, without further delay, let me introduce you to Sora, my Volks YoSD Kakeru!

I finished the layaway rather quickly and the doll arrived in late July, but there were a few bumps along the road as the seller forgot to include his wig. >_<;

A shipment box!
I actually meant to tell the seller to seal the doll box with string or something because I didn't want to deal with tape, but I think she misunderstood me and used string on the packaging box! Hehe, which I found extremely amusing.

Volks YoSD Kakeru's default box
The box got a bit dented during shipping, but nothing too severe. I was surprised because the seller didn't bubble wrap the box within the shipping box...but I suppose it's what is inside this box that really matters!

Delilah with Kakeru's default papers
I asked the seller to look for his default papers and hoped she could find them. I was curious to see what where in the papers, and what difference there was to the papers compared to the Volks kits. Not too much of a difference besides the paper with Kakeru and Chika information, and the booklet shows you how to restring the dolls, etc. 

Wrapped mummy!!
He was wrapped so well, it was very difficult for me to get him out of the bubble-wrap mummy! After a bit of cleaning and replacing the eye putty, I dressed him up. Only to realize...that something was missing! The default wig that I asked to include in the sale was not there >__<; 

After contacting the seller, she apologized profusely and sent it out quickly to me the next business day. Although, the wig she sent me wasn't his default...

We arrived at an amicable solution and although I don't have his default wig, I'll just have to make an effort to find it later. The wig she did send me didn't really match his face up or look I was going for. However, the shade compliments the other wigs I have for Delilah and Lareine, so they all look like siblings. It's really cute!

The eyes that he also came with don't photograph super well unless there's direct contact, so I'll have to look for a new shade for Sora soon :)

Lareine, Sora and Delilah
Otherwise, he's crazy cute and I'm really happy with my purchase. I'm really surprised how mobile and posable the his limbs are. It's much better than Delilah's and better than Lareine's too. His stringing is a bit loose, but it doesn't seem to hinder anything in my opinion. I also touched up a bit of his face on on his lips, as the seller had wiped a bit of it away before because it was too dark. I thought it wasn't that balanced so I went ahead and added some color and gloss. (^__^)"
Last week I gave Sora to Auntie Archangeli to take on a trip to the Volks USA showroom in California. I sent her on a mission to find him a new wig there, and since he is a Volks doll, I thought that they would be kind enough to let her try on some wigs before she purchased anything. The staff were really nice and let her try on some different styles.

Archangeli's Aerie and Sora @ Volks showroom
Pic Credit: Archangeli
I really like the wig she chose! It's one I saw on the Volks site and recommended her to find, but she forgot which one it was. LOL! >_<;
The showroom displays had a London Olympic theme, and it gave my sister another idea. She decided to take Sora on an extended adventure...

To London, England!

Sora, with London Bridge in the background
Pic Credit: Archangeli
Sora and a new friend!
You can see her blog post about his little adventure here. Thanks for bringing him around! The pictures turned out really cute (*o*@)!!

I went to go pick up Sora a couple days ago. I don't really have much clothes for him to wear and since he's been on his adventure he hasn't had a wardrobe change! Even his outfit he's wearing right now it technically Lareine's. It's made for a boy, but I bought it for her in mind and made a skirt to match. The shorts have an odd I had to adjust how they fit or else they looked like capris.

Shadow Totoro from "Mei and the Kittenbus"!

That concludes Sora's introduction! He's fitting in with the rest of the family quite well!
Thanks for reading!