Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Super Junior

The postman woke me up today with a lovely package! A few weeks back, I made a pre-order for Super Junior's Boys in City 4 - Paris photo book and also ordered their 6th album, Sexy, Free & Single. It was a birthday present to myself and I had been secretly thinking of getting it when they had announced the photo book earlier on. The photo book was released last week and I got a notice that it shipped on Thursday. Took less than a week to get to me! I was really surprised~!

I ordered through YesAsia since they offered free shipping and somehow it ended up being a lot cheaper than other sites. The cover price of both items were marked up, but it somehow ended up being cheaper because of the free shipping. Other sites killed my shopping cart with their explosive EMS and air mail rates @_@;;!! Although when I received the photo book and album, I realized why the shipping was through the roof! The weight of the books combined were 3.5kg, (about 8 lbs).
I didn't bother taking pictures of the packaging, since it was plain, but the books had 2 layers of bubble-wrap protection and there were no dents or bent corners.

Moving on~~!
Say hello to Sword-bean Shiba!
S.J. in the house!
I purposely ordered the Type A version of Sexy, Free & Single after a lot of contemplation. The album was released back in July and I've held off on getting it because I wasn't sure which version I wanted. There were 3 (@__@;;)! They sure know how to take a fan's money since each version had great extras that the other versions didn't have.
The Paris photo book was released on Super Junior's 7th anniversary (Nov.6th) and is a collection of photos of all the members on their days off when they weren't performing for their concert; which happened earlier this year.

Excuse some of the weird lighting for some of the pictures. I took some pictures during the day time, and others at night at my desk. >_<;

Silver text!
 Let's start with their 6th album! There were 10 random different text color versions of this album, the original is with red text, but I'm quite happy I got the silver one. I was hoping to get silver or gold since it stands out better on the blue background. The album is a hardcover photo book (84 pages) and the main concept for the photos was natural...handsome...flower...boys? (^o^*);;
I can't quite figure it out, but I do like the concept. 


I think my favourite picture from the photobook is Yesung. He looks completely different and I didn't know it was him when they first released his teaser back in July. Plus...he's rocking out his look! He has branches on his head!! (*o*@;:)!!
Leeteuk has a really nice series of photos too.  I was really fascinated with his hair accessory and the make up they did for him. Most of all the members look completely different in this album, at first you can't really recognize them easily.

I think the only shots I don't like are Siwon's. The styling make him look like an odd version of John Galliano and it just doesn't do anything for me. (o_o);

The trend with k-pop albums is that they come with collectible photo cards. However, it's all distributed randomly and you don't know who you'll get. I like all the members of Super Junior, although I'm a bit biased towards a couple of them. I have to praise the photo card gods, since I ended up getting Kyuhyun, who is my favourite member in the group!! (*O*)! I had a 10% chance of getting his card so I was super surprised and thrilled when I turned the card over to see it was him! The back of the card has the text, Sexy, Free & Single and Kyuhyun's digitized signature on it. 

The back is where you can find the CD and it's just a slot in the back where the CD can be pulled out.

Boys in City 4 - Paris
Onwards to the photo book now! I pre-ordered the normal version which came with an extra postcard book and the poster. The special version came with an extra poster and some other stuff along with a behind the scenes DVD. I only wanted the book, so I opted to go with the normal one. There was an option to get the poster shipped in a tube on another site, but YesAsia wasn't offering that, so that's why I ended up with the folded poster. 

BIC4 Post card book
I'll start with the postcard book! It has 20 different postcards featuring the members individually and as a group and they're perforated so that you can detach them from the book to use as postcards. The back of each card has the corresponding members signature digitally printed. They resolution/print quality is great and they are printed on nice card stock. I don't think I would have the heart to use one!

Boys in City 4 Paris!
The photo book is hardcover and a little bit over 350 pages! The eye candy...!!
The inside has many comments from all the members through the pages. I can only read the English parts of the book since my Korean literacy rate is quite non-existent. I think if I got the Japanese version I probably would have been able to read it...!

The book is separated into 6 parts to highlight the different locations and areas they were photographed at. It's nice to see some of the sights and areas they were at since my sister and I were in Paris a couple years ago. Only minor drawback is that many of the photos have a 'staged' feeling to them, especially if they're indoors, but it doesn't make the photos less appealing. I actually like the odd candid shots when they're not focused on the camera. When they're out and about in the city many of the photos are of them staring off into the distance and it looks like they're absorbing and taking in as much of Paris as they can.

Kyuhyun, Eunhyuk and photographer Leeteuk
There's a series of shots with Kyuhyun, Eunhyuk and Leeteuk, where Leeteuk is being the photographer. The shots are really funny, cute, and oddly amusing since a photographer is taking a picture of them taking pictures of each other.

So handsome! *o*
 I won't post too many photos of the book itself. That would spoil it for whoever wants to buy it. I know people have already scanned and uploaded a large portion or the whole photobook online already and fans have complained about it; that it ruined the element of surprise for them. I tried to avoid it as much as possible and it worked out well.
I'm really happy with this purchase!

Super Junior, Fighting!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Birthday don't stop & October lolita and doll meet!

After I got over my severe cold and stopped being a hermit in the house, Keiko came by to sleep over for my birthday weekend and it ended up being a 3 day affair with cake and fun...which also stretched into the next week! Or maybe it should be that the Cake Doesn't Stop! Seems like I've been eating a lot of cake lately!

Fashion week!
Work it!
Keiko actually invited me to go to her friend's bridal fashion show, Paraezo, for Mastercard Fashion Week. It was a nice chance to dress up and bring out the designer bags and shoes! Since I'm not used to wearing heels...I almost died in my shoes, but thankfully I had brought along flats to change into. 
The show was beautiful and had some really lovely bridal dresses. The styling was very elegant and the designer had used fresh flowers to create head pieces. I wish I could have taken better pictures, but my camera isn't that great and we were sitting in the back row, so I didn't get a decent shot from the show. (>_<;)

Since we were all dressed up I asked Keiko if she wanted to walk along Bloor and maybe check out Holt Renfrew. I just wanted to visit the Shu Uemura counter to get some refills for my eyeliner since I had just run out that morning, but it would be fun to see all the shiny expensive stuff...and pretend we can afford it? (*o*-)'

After trying on some shoes and learning about the steep and insane prices of some purses...she asked me if we should eat a snack at the cafe. I didn't even know Holts had a cafe...! We decided to get some drinks and share dessert. Our waiter was super nice and I think, a bit bored since we ended being the only table at the cafe/lounge in the late afternoon. The result was that we have super service. I had a Holts Pumpkin Martini (Belevedere Vodka, cinnamon, nutmeg, and pumpkin) and Keiko had the Renfrew (Belvedere Vodka, strawberries and balsamic finessed with Veuve Cliquot Champagne.) We ordered a Pear Upside Down Cake caramel to share, and it was delicious! The desserts at Holts are fairly priced at $8 each, but their drinks range in prices depending on what you want. I believe their most expensive cocktail is $22. (Pricy!! >_<;)

Me in Twinkle Journey
After going back home and pretty much crashing for the night because we were both tired, we woke up bright and early to get ready for lolita! It was time for our monthly doll meet and it would be the first time that Keiko came along. Since I think it's always fun to dress up in lolita and go to doll meets, Keiko borrowed a waloli outfit from my closet to wear. Even though it was raining a little bit outside, water wasn't going to stop us from wearing lolita!

This month's meet was at Marché. It's a nice location to go since there is an extensive amount of seating and every person gets to budget their own meal or drinks. We got there a bit late so a majority of everyone was already there. Oddly enough, besides the long table set up for 12, there was a smaller table to the side with 3 chairs. I kept saying it was discrimination since all the girls in lolita were sitting at the smaller table and we all happened to be resin collectors who brought resin dolls (to a Dollfie Dream/Vinyl doll meet.) LOL It was completely by accident, but it was still funny. ^__^'

I hope Alice doesn't get mad that I posted a picture of her! (*o*@)!! I really liked her gothic lolita dress. There was a lot of ruffles and lace and I wish I could have looked at it more closely. Keiko is wearing my Bodyline waloli coordinate I got a few years ago. Apparently, she's always wanted to wear waloli, and she got her chance! I decided to wear my Twinkle Journey JSK since I haven't worn it yet. I really so love the design and dress, the unicorn print is gorgeous.

I didn't take too many pictures at this meet, since we spent quite a lot of time socializing with everyone who came. Also, a lot of my pictures didn't turn out well because of the lighting. My camera just couldn't cope with it, so a lot of the pictures turned out very dark. 
We had quite an extensive amount of girls show up at this meet though! It was really awesome to see all the dolls. There were a few people who came in to sneak pictures of the dolls, which I thought was a bit odd because all they had to do was ask to take a picture. 

Some of the Dollfie Dream dolls at this month's meet
Our small resin BJD corner
Since it was a Halloween meet, I dressed up Lareine in a kimono and Sora went as a sheep! Alice had cute matching outfits for Yukio and Myles, a ladybug and bumblebee! And Keiko's Eliza is wearing a lovely classic lolita outfit. 

Takoyaki Couple!
Alice surprised me by getting me a small birthday/souvenir gift from Osaka, Japan! It's a cute keychain of a octopus (tako) and an octopus ball (takoyaki) that kiss! It's so amusing, I have them smooching on my desk right now. (^__^*)

After the meet ended, we decided to go back to my place for dinner, drinks and cake! Chanel also came by to join in on the cake fest! I picked up my cake the day before and although I paid a pretty steep price for it, it was totally worth it!

Pic credit: Archangeli
Birthday don't stop!
Cafe Michi's Matcha Red Bean cake is the best! I think if I could, I would have ate the whole cake by myself, but I think I would have gotten a severe stomach ache. I gave my co-worker a piece since I was talking to her about it and the next day she told me it was so good...she forgot her name when she ate it!! (*o*@)!!
My sister and I ended up going to Michi again the next week for some afternoon tea and cake. Their earl grey cake was very good and English trifle was scrumptious! Since my friends from high school were coming over and their birthdays just past in September and October, I got more cake to go! 

Back to my birthday weekend! We ended up staying up quite late, mostly because I was spamming Keiko with k-pop variety show programs. Then I showed her AKB0048 and she started to marathon all the episodes into the wee hours of the morning! The end result is that our group has converted another person into a fan of AKB and our cosplay group grows. We just need to make the costumes! (>__<;;)

The weekend concluded with a meal at Shisho Tree Cafe. I have never been before but I have been by it many times because I like to eat ramen at Niwatei (which is next door.) The food is Japanese and Italian fusion, and oddly enough, it works! We shared a dish of okonomiyaki fries and I got myself the okonomiyaki pasta.

Thanks to everyone who kept the party going and for making my birthday weekend an awesome one!