Monday, March 21, 2016

Fancy Lolita Tea Time - Yuzu & Macaron Day

For this month's meet, the lolita gods were against me in helping me get a location for us to have afternoon tea. I think I called around 6 places and they had no space for us...and I learned from then on that I needed to book these places probably weeks in advance if we were going to try to get a reservation for a group of 6 or more.

In the end, we decided to go to a Japanese restaurant, Yuzu no Hana, to have lunch and then head over to Butter Avenue (Queen St. W) for Macaron Day.

Yuzu has lovely and elegant interior space. I think the workers there were amused that a group of girls in lolita showed up for lunch, but nonetheless, they were very polite and offered great service. I ordered the chirashi and it was lovely.

Onto the main attraction! Getting those macarons!

By mid afternoon our main group headed towards Butter Avenue and then Bosu and Yumi met us there in the downstairs seating area. Butter had organized a fabulous line up of 30 new flavours for Macaron day with 30% of the proceeds going to charity. So many flavours to choose from...but I can't eat them all!

Photo credit: Butter Avenue
Butter Ave.
Our group managed to hog a nook in the corner in the downstairs seating area and other patrons were kind enough to let us use their empty chairs so that we could sit together and not squish ourselves in the bench seating. I picked up an extra box of macarons for my friend's birthday which was coming up, but my box contained these flavours; Butterscotch Rum, Strawberry Basil, Guava Plum x 2, Toasted Sesame (which I ate and is not in the picture), and Iron Goddess. 

By far my favourite flavour is guava plum. They had it the year before...and if they bring it back next year, I should just get a whole box of them. I love them!

We relaxed there with some tea and water for a bit until part of the group had to leave and venture off to different destinations. A few of us decided to go to Delysees to get some of their donut macarons! They were so cute looking and a bit small compared to a usual macaron, but they were very sweet and hard to eat more than two at once. 

Did you enjoy Macaron Day and head out to get some free macarons? Let me know in the comments or just tell me if you love macarons too! 
At this meet I wore Angelic Pretty's Day Dream Carnival (Twilight set). 

Photo credit: Bosu
Until next time!
Stay fancy~!


I spotted a yellow bird at Prairie Girl cupcakes. I want it... 
So cute and fluffy!!