Sunday, September 11, 2011

My computer has blown up...

(Image shamelessly stolen from google images...LOL)

Not quite like the image above...but my computer has definitely blown up.

Don't know what happened, but I just couldn't get it to work properly and it kept saying my hard drive had an internal error...

So the result is that I've lost all my pictures, music, movie, whatever was on my computer is now floating in hard drive cyberspace or just gone forever. I have a feeling it's the latter :(

My dad is helping me re-install Windows 7 onto my computer..since Vista had so many problems with it to begin maybe this is for the better?

I'm a bit annoyed about loosing all my pictures though...all the travel pictures and stuff, gone just like that! :(
I had some pictures lined up to post for another Macaron Journey update and a new face up I did for my friend's doll. I don't have the before pictures of her doll's face up since they're all gone...but I suppose the after ones are ok. The macaron ones are still on my camera, oddly enough. LOL

Gonna be a few days before I get my computer in decent condition...all my programs have to be re-installed, how frustrating!!

Another random question to ask not really relating to this post, but how does everyone feel about the new interface blogger has gone to? I don't really like it...I prefer the old one better for some reason. I think it's to stale or...well, maybe I'm just not use to it..

Until next time! More updates with food and doll stuff! :)


  1. That pic reflects how I feel about Windows most of the time... >__>"

  2. OMG for a second from the thumbnail I really thought your computer like...burnt up (ie. turned black due to burning) but it's ok....I know exactly how you feel. My desktop blew up before and I lost all my travel pics :( it really sucks...but it serves me right for not backing them up lol :( damn unreliable technology..orz.
    And...What new interface? LOL.... *clueless*

  3. That image was funny! LOL I hope you get your PC up and working soon, so I can spam you with dolly news. =x

    The new interface seems neater, or sleeker but I am not very used to it either. I can't seem to find stuff sometimes so the old interface is probably more user friendly for me.

  4. Well Vista is abolished from my computer right now, and I've got Windows 7 going on, but I haven't had time during the week to update and add all the simple programs to it. Been working too much...x_x

    LOL @ Alice, it's like an option on the top, they're beta-testing the new layout, and I tried it for a week and I just had a hard time with it...and went back to the usual/old one.

    @Galileo, I like dolly spam :D

  5. I got so scared for a sec! (this is what happens when I don't read the caption right away!)

    RIP to all your stuff though. That really sucks. (cuz yes, Vista is garbage) :(

    I'm really disliking gmails's new sign-in page~ it seems to run slower! I don't get why they change things that were already fine.