Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pokemon White!!

I spent the weekend crashing my friends condo downtown to help prep for our maid cafe party. Started off with my sister and I going out shopping to a distant far away mall near my work. I've never been there so I thought it would be an interesting adventure to go. The shops were pretty much the same...but they did have a lego store which was nice. They don't make lego like they used to (when my sister and I were younger). It just seems more cheaper looking and not as...cool? I can't put it into words...

However, they had this really nice Harry Potter set, and the quality of it reminded us of the stuff we still/used to have. It was 200 dollars though....but considering it was such a nice set..it would be worth the investment if I was still into lego. LOL It was the Harry Potter Diagon Alley set..!

Anyways....I didn't do much in terms of helping prep the food for our BBQ we were going to have the day after...and Cindy let me open her brand new game of Pokemon White. They unleashed the inner pokemon trainer in me. LOL I haven't played Pokemon in YEARS. The last one I played was either Gold or Silver...so it's been awhile. Actually, no, the last one I played was the remake of Red; Fire Red! 
All the Pokemon have changed..but the format is all the same. The graphics are 100x better than the original games! It's really neat actually! Castelia City's skyarrow bridge is really cool...I was staring at my screen mesmerized with how the graphics have become so much better!!
Pinwheel forest! I'm off to look for Pansage or Panpour! I already have Pansear~
Btw, I love my light blue NDS...*o* Worked hard to buy this a few years ago!

Anyways, Cindy offered to give me her game since I logged about 3 hours of game time..and it wouldn't make sense for me to redo everything all over again. I'll have to buy her another one since I took hers...oops! The funny thing is that I named all my pokemon I caught at the beginning of the game a bunch of funny names...and now I'm stuck with them. It's a good thing I find them amusing though!

I'm working on leveling up and hopefully we can all battle each other!

Since Jordan and Cindy went to Japan a couple months ago, they were showing us the swag they got. Jordan was nice enough to give me one of these from the Pokemon Center.

It's a blind packaged tin item with chocolate inside. Unfortunately, I didn't read that it was chocolate, but I initially liked it because of the tin and how the size would be good for storing my pressed penny collection. The tin would have a picture of the pokemon you see on the packaging or 1 of 4 secret ones.

I got a secret one! Pikachu! Ahh it's so cute!! ♥ Thanks Jordan!!

The next post, I'll talk and post pics from the Wrap Up Cafe Delish Party. I was really tired that day since I didn't get much sleep the night before...I was kind of a zombie. And all the caffeine didn't really help for some reason. I must have build up a decent tolerance to it and I didn't even know >_<;

Lareine's new look. I quite like it! She's stealing things from Delilah's wardrobe, hehe.



    Also, you can't eat chocolate?

  2. I agree: Lego is just not the same anymore! :p

    lol, I haven't played pokemon since gold/silver too. I didn't even know about Fire Red. o_0

    AN's cafe delish...reminds me of your after party madness in that hotel room; I wasn't even there, but I could just imagine. XD

    Yeah, I don't eat chocolate. Unless it doesn't taste like chocolate. Only ones acceptable right now are the green tea white chocolate kit kat bars from Japan and this white chocolate stuff from Ritter Sport from Germany. I know, high end taste. ROFL But I like them because they taste like green tea and there are lots of nuts in the Ritter Sport so I don't taste too much chocolate....

    @Pheleon: Lego...I wish it could be as cool as it used to be! But then again..I wouldn't want to collect more sets..they're expensive and take up lots of space!
    HAHA My ex-bf lent me Fire Red to play a few years ago. I was obsessed with it for awhile..but since it was a GBA game..the cartridge looked messed up in the NDS LOL

    Yes....there are some hilarious pictures. ;) But none of the blackmail ones are going to be posted to the public, that's for sure LOL!