Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ciel Phantomhive

I finally finished the small project I started on a few weeks ago. I got this idea to dress up my boy BJD as Ciel Phantomhive from Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler). I had all the fabrics to make it..and it seemed like a fun project :)

The only thing I didn't make from this outfit are the shoes and the wig. ^__^' I commissioned the eyes from a DoA member, and I love how they photograph. ♥

My name is Ciel...

Did you need something?

Ven is giving off this cold vibe as Ciel! It's quite unexpected..he looks a lot more like Ciel than I originally thought he could look like...

This is my favorite picture of the bunch.
The pentacle eye is so striking. ♥

It was fun making the outfit. The jacket is fully lined, I made it when I had some night shifts and I was trying to keep my sleep schedule consistent. It was funny cause I was sewing throughout the night and by the time 8am rolled around...I went to bed. Talk about messed up sleep...LOL
I had a bit of trouble making the not as perfect as I would want it..but maybe that's just me being a bit picky.
The shoes are such a pain to get on. It's so frustrating...and it's even worse trying to take them off. I have to say that Ventus is going to be in this outfit for awhile. LOL Sorry love >3<;

Go ahead and leave me some :D!

I wonder what my next sewing project will be...hmm..


  1. Aww, cute. This was exactly what I wanted the Luts shoes for my Bory for, too. :) I've been wanting my Bory to cosplay as Ciel ever since I got him, since he has the perfect face for it...and I've seen a lot of people do that with their Bory XD! But sadly I'm not talented enough to make a Ciel costume and I'm too lazy to go post up a commission thread so..bleh I gave up LOL. The costume looks nice though!

  2. Make some boobalicious stuff for DD LOL

  3. Hahah Thanks Alice. Maybe Mishka can borrow part of Ven's wardrobe? LOL I've been toying with the idea of making Zephyria into Alois...o_o; LOL
    Yea! I've seen lots of Bory's as Ciel...he does have a great face for him.. :D

    Lazy bum. LOL Jeez... XD


  4. Ooooo I love his outfit and especially his eyes! I wished I could see it in detail! He really does make an awesome Ciel! ♥ And psssssst, you need a hunky Sebastian too! rofl

  5. Hehe thanks Galileo! :D I'll probably take more detail shots of it later...when the lighting doesn't wash too much of it out @__@;

    I do need a Sebastien...ToT;;

  6. Very nice! I love your mini.

    Your sleep cycle cracks me up. You're officially a vampire! *the sun comes up, okay, time for bed!* LOL

  7. LOL Thankssss ;)
    I'm still wondering if I should cosplay Ciel...LOL We'll see what happens ;)

    I know...VAMPIRE!!! but not all the time.. hahaha