Saturday, July 2, 2011

Hanging out with friends & Yellow Birds...

I hung out with Alice earlier in the week to show her around downtown and to see where she could go and find supplies and stuff. We walked a lot and went to a lot of places...I didn't really buy much, just food. I have to say Morocco's frozen yogurt is quite horrible. It was chalky and grainy, and for 5 dollars, it was a waste of money. I thought the $3.50 for the small included a topping, but I had to pay extra for a topping! I really need to just stick to Yogen Fruz. At least I know their stuff is very good...
We also went to Okonomi house to have some okonomiyaki. I haven't been downtown eating out too much since school ended last year, so having okonomiyaki was very good :)
For dinner we hit up Guu Sakabar! It was amazing. The menu isn't the same as Guu Izakaya, but it's still good nonetheless. Takoyaki gratin!! I need to figure out what else is good there..since I just kind of randomly chose things. But the Kimchi Udon was very good..not too spicy.


I met up with a few of my old co-workers from when I used to work at Zara yesterday. I used to opportunity to cash in Louise's "IOU food" coupon and altogether, 4 of us got together and ate a lot of food! We went to Chako for some major KBBQ and we ate so much. It was a pretty decent deal..considering how much food they gave us...

Louise and I. =D ♥

Ricky and I grilling on our side. Mussels, chicken and pork are on this menu...LOL

 Our drinks. Lychee Calpis and Green Apple Soda.

Nelson eats like a beast! Holy crap..and watching him cook is hilarious cause he just throws all the meat onto the grill. I gotta say Ricky and I did a very decent job cooking since our grill looked nice until we had nothing on it and it starting charring...LOL

We went to Green Grotto to get some bubble tea or tea. Ricky and Louise got flower teas, Chrysanthemum and Rose respectively, while Nelson got some strawberry milkshake thing..LOL I got a herbal tea called "Longan Jujube". Sounds kind of ridiculous, but it was very Very good.

"Longan Jujube"

Ricky tried some of my tea and he's resolute of having that as his tea the next time he's going there. We spent a couple hours at Green Grotto just chatting and whatnot. Ricky's friend came by since he had nothing to do and joined us. Nelson and I cracked open the chess set they had there and started playing. We weren't playing too seriously and we would help each other along with moves to see how the game progressed. It was all in good fun, and he was dead set on turning all his pawns into queens. But he didn't remember he trapped his king with pawns, and I ended up checkmating him and winning the game by accident actually. He didn't see it coming either!


The day I hung out with Alice, I went to visit my friend's Kevin and Jordan since I was in the neighbourhood, and they gave me some gifts from Japan.
Now, I'm pretty easy to please and when they went, the only criteria I gave them was, "Yellow Birds...or something relating to yellow birds, or a pair of cheap lolita shoes from Bodyline, or something shiny :D" I told them yellow birds wre more of a priority since I have a growing obsession with them. Plus I think asking them to bring home a pair of shoes for me is a bit much..o_o; 

 I nearly died when Kevin gave me the Chun-kun socks!!! I LOVE chun-kun...or well Kiiroitori! He also got me the chun-kun cupcake keychain which is smush-able. It's funny cause I have the actually plush of the keychain. The rest were kind of mystery items...

 This is from Jordan and Cin. It was some kind of sweet, and I was so surprised when I opened it, it had a cute chick face!! I didn't want to eat it...I still have the other one..but I'll have to eat it soon or else it's going to go bad. I'm still not quite sure what it is actually...

 This is from Kevin, I was laughing when he gave it to me since I know he likes daruma items, and this is a daruma and yellow bird combined! I asked him what it was and he wasn't sure but he told me he got it at the 7-Eleven in Japan. From what I can gather, it's a 60 year anniversary item from a store named Marumiya. When I opened it, it was a sweet and salty mixed assortment of stuff with seaweed. I guess it's for toppings...?
I liked the detail on the packaging. Yellow bird daruma! :D

Some of my friends are coming over tonight for some movies and a bit of drinking. Tomorrow is going to be the Gay Pride parade downtown, and I'll probably meet up with Jordan and Cin to taste some of the food at the festival. I'm not too interested in the I don't think I'll bother watching that. 
I'm having an eventful Canada Day weekend, hope everyone else is too! ♥


  1. The tea is made even more amusing because they pronouce it ju-ju-bee :P

    Yay random yellow bird goodness! *__*

  2. OKONOMIYAKI! You must take me there next time I'm in TO~~~

  3. @Bmo, Jooo Jooo BEEEEE lolol

    @Pheleon, Sure :D :D :D I love Okonomi House ♥