Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Kiss of Paradise

So..when I went by my sister's place last week, I picked up some of my stuff from the Volks order I did for her. Yay for more ZM spray and water wax :) That stuff is amusing! While I was looking around at their display cases of stuff, I noticed they had Kingdom Hearts manga, which I thought was weird cause I have all of them (or the ones that have been released here..), and I mentioned that to my sister, and she was like "Really??" 

I moved some things around cause I was picking up the random manga she had lying around..and I found my old Paradise Kiss manga books. LOL Now I know where those went...along with Vol.2 of xxxHolic. 

I've been reading them slowly over the week, I really still love this series. The anime was a great adaptation too. Too bad I don't follow Nana at all, I tried with the anime, but I found it kind of lacking..and the manga wasn't really going anywhere fast...
Plus, I really liked the Nobu & Hachi pairing. When my friends would update me what was happening, I was kind of disappointed in the plot so that pulled me further away from reading it again.

I love Arashi in Paradise Kiss...I think I just like the punk characters Ai Yazawa creates :)

Randomly, I was just looking up Paradise Kiss on the internet yesterday, and apparently...A PARADISE KISS MOVIE WAS MADE?? 
Um....I don't really approve of the casting too much. George doesn't really...look like George...
Isabella shouldn't look so obvious..cause she/he looks like a horrible drag queen!!!'s like really bad >__<; I can't get over it. 
But...maybe cause I already liked Yusuke Yamamoto to begin with...but I approve of him as Tokumori. (Probably cause I'm a fangirl..LOL). What are your opinions?

And I think that dress looks lack lustre. I can only see a clip of it in the video about...but it doesn't compare to the manga or anime. I've seen cosplayers pull it off better! But..they might be trying to make a more 'edgy and modern' type of design for the movie. I'm 50/50 about it...

I didn't really like the Nana movies..this is probably going to be the same type of disappointment...? :(


So....Canada Post is still being a pain in the bum with their strike. Which is such a hindrance cause I really want the stuff I bought :( Further more, one of the sellers I bought something from can't ship the item to me because of the strike. I affects all parties negatively. It's so bothersome...*sigh*

Plus, because of the strike, my new visa card is somewhere in limbo! I applied for a US visa card and to get a new one to replace my old one. The US one came lightning fast...but the card that I actually need to use is...somewhere. Bah humbug. 

Since this stupid strike was happening, one of the purchases I made off of Den of Angels had to be shipped to me via FedEx. The seller was so lovely and understanding, but the shipping through FedEx was murder! The quote on shipping she gave me was way off...but only asked me to send me a bit more to help her out, and not the full amount. I had no problems with sending her more money..considering how much she paid originally. Yikes.
Anyways, I got my item halfway through this week, and it's so cute...I'm getting cavities...*o*

Delilah is so cute...♥
This is the Volks lamb suit they released in late 2009/ early 2010.


I've had some crazy shifts for the past week. It does suck that work functions on 24hr shift work, but I mean...I still need to pay off bills and stuff, and a job is a job no matter what. But midnight - 8am shifts are really tough. I can do the 10pm - 6am, it's not as bad, but for some reason this one is just horrid. My sleeping schedule has completely been messed up...either I couldn't sleep or I just sleep at off and random times. Hopefully it gets back to I have 'normal' shifts this coming week.

Well, that's my update for now. Going to sew...and relax. And eat some BBQ.
On nom nom :)


  1. Ooommg I'm gonna go search for this, I didn't know there was a movie! YUI! Ahaa but Tokumori..what the hell, he's supposed to be some hot looking doctor... what happened. = =

    I'll have to search it up and watch it...and hope it isn't a complete train wreck D:

    LOL Hey...I think Yusuke Yamamoto is his own way. I liked him in HanaKimi... :) But true, Tokumori is supposed to be a hottie...o_o;

  3. Delilah is soo adorable ^_^ I love her little outfit, so cuddly!

  4. There was a movie?! o_0 The dude who plays George... it's a bit hard for me to picture because he played my Taira from Beck, and they've got very different personalities. :p But I also saw him in other roles, so maybe it could work? dunno.

    I'm hoping the strike is 100% over. Someone bought one of my plushie leftovers, and I had to make her wait. *still has yet to send it...*

  5. Apparently so...I didn't know about the movie either...but I still prefer the books and anime I suppose...
    :S Until I see it I guess I can't pass complete judgement....

    Yeah, the strike is over for now since they are forced back to work. I've been getting a lot of junk mail actually..o_o;;