Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Building Volks F-12 Miisha MSD

 Zephyria and Ventus welcome a new cousin.

So I had the fun task of building this doll for my sister as a gift. 
The love and labor and documentation of how I did it is on the side bar under Pages! Or you can just click here.

I still have yet to present the doll to her since I've been working, but I'll give it to her soon so she can take lots of pictures. ^__^


  1. Ooh my little Yukiko looks so purdiful!

    Thanks mo! ♥

  2. Even though I won't be building my own doll like ever, I still read through your long post. It was super interesting! Kind of makes me want to MAKE a sculpt from scratch; I love anatomy. :D :D :D

  3. I am extremely jealous of your super shiny amazing dremel kit lmfao. That looks like a lot of work! And you did it so amazingly *o*!!! She looks fantastic!

  4. @Pheleon, lots of people actually sculpt their own BJDs, it's very interesting! Time consuming and sometimes very expensive, but I can see why you would take an interest in it :)
    Most dolls come pre-strung anyways...I think Volks is the only company that offers this DIY thing..LOL And it's only for this size too, the bigger ones are already done for you. O_o"

    @charityofmind, LOL Super shiny dremel kit was a bargain at costco ;) I got it a couple years ago. Thank you thank you! We should meet up soon again :)