Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Yellow Birds...pt.2

So last week, I met up with my friends Jordan and Cindy and they gave me the rest of my yellow bird swag from Japan. LOL Yes...I have a small and growing obsession with yellow birds...

Look at all the Chun-kuns!! I think I squealed when I saw them...I love the bird from Rilakkuma. Kiiroitori!! ♥
The sauna Chun-kun is cute, that one and the one with the flowers are keychains. The one on the bottom is a screen cleaner..which I find amusing and probably won't use it for that...
The big one is a pass holder, and it's so cute..omg I was looking at it the whole time... :D

This thing made me LAUGH! It's a yellow bird...shrimp combo. LOL Apparently they had to get it for me cause it was such a crazy combination! For some reason...when I look at it, I think of tempura...I don't know why though...

The last item is this! A yellow bird in a nest! I think the packaging is really cute. The plush is a keychain and I didn't take a picture, but the feet of the bird are really funny looking. They're two...pieces of string. LOL
I don't know anything of the Hetalia series..but it's from it...can anyone enlighten me with how this bird is associated with the series? :D

I never told them, but I had a weird collection of smushed penny coins. You know the machines where you put in 50 cents and a penny and it flattens it out and embosses an image onto one side.
Apparently, Cindy was on yellow bird mode, and she found one that had a yellow bird in it. LOL

It's Rilakkuma again! And there's kiiroitori on top! I like getting these things as small souvenirs from places...since it's cheap and reminds me of the place. This is super amusing though! Kuma kuma~~

I wonder..if there's a mameshiba one!?!

I've been experimenting with a new camera. It takes some really nice pictures actually...next blog update will be about my dolls! Or maybe a food journal..stay tuned!


  1. AHh so many yellow birds!!! OMGGG GILBIRD!!!! AHHHH GIMME!! XD The yellow bird is always with Prussia (country and character from Hetalia) So awesome! Really cute too! They should've gotten you Hibird (the yellow bird that follows around Hibari, a character from Katekyo Hitman Reborn... much like the bird that follows around Gilbert/Prussia)

    So cute!! I LOVE THE TEMPURA BIRD...and the picture makes me laugh... THOSE LEGSSS :D


    I am not going to give you err..Gilbird? LOL I think it's super cute...mine! MINE. lol

    Omg, I know about the yellow bird that follows around Hibari! HAHA I never got far with KHR, but yea...that character with the bird..I was like "I like him. I don't know who he is...but I like him cause he's got a bird" ROFL


  3. You have a Gilbird and you don't know what Hetalia is?...Yr missin out, girlfriend, you need to find out about the awesomeness that is Hetalia!...You would grow to love yr Gilbird even ten times more than you do already

  4. How much was the Gilbird? I'm about to cosplay Prussia and I need my lil Nyo Nyo with me to finish up the costume.

    1. I got this a long time as a gift from my friends, I believe it was not very expensive...probably around 800-1000 yen? I'm sorry I can't be helpful with my answer, I hope you find a Gilbird to finish up your cosplay!