Thursday, April 21, 2011

New job for now and Happy Easter.

Got myself a new part time job. Yay..income :) My cousin in England sent me a Congratulations card, it cracked me up considering she mentioned this to be my first 'real' job, but it's not...the real deal. I definitely won't be making a career out of this PT job, but it's just something for me to have as I keep hunting for the one. Since I'm new though, I'm the lowest on the seniority I got some really crappy shifts this past week.

Nothing a bit of coffee can't fix!

There are lots of new interesting characters at work, but it's going to be hard trying to remember everyone's names...I've got about 6-7 down right now, 20 more to go? LOL

Last week, we had a small doll meet up at my sister's place with Alice. She brought Myles and I brought along my resin children. 

Look at the blonds, hehe.
Ventus (Volks MSDB Ken), Delilah (DollnDoll Heart Mo), and Myles (Luts Honey Delf Taffy).

 Since Alice and I have been plotting, somehow we agreed that Delilah had to give Myles cooties, then somehow they were betrothed to each other...I don't even remember how it all worked. LOL
But they look darn cute in their duckie outfits!!

I took some new pictures of Delilah today. The sun wasn't out, and it was a bit cloudy but the sky seemed bright enough for some pictures.

Such a contemplative face. . . ♥
Myles, where are you?

There's not much to say for now. Need to continue cutting the clothes for my plushies for AN, now that I have the weekend to myself, I'm going to work hard to get everything cut I can sew it all as soon as possible.

Have a good weekend and Happy Easter everyone!


  1. OMG I love those two pics at the end! Love pics by the window XD HAHAHA... Myles is... zoning out! lmao

  2. LOL I can finally do pics at the window since we got them replaced last summer. The molding before was BAD....DYING....CHIPPED....AWFUL....LOL

    Myles seems to be indifferent a lot LOL Had fun with the birds as you can tell :)

  3. LOL the pictures are cute!!!! :)

    AND congrats on the new job :P lol and welcome to the world of coffeeeee. (i think you were never a big coffee drinker)

  4. Thanks Jan :D
    Well, the job is PT, but at least I got some money coming into my bank account..LOL

    No, I was never a big coffee drinker cause caffeine gives me a headache, so usually it's coffee flavoured milk (cause I add so much milk into it..) LOL

  5. Happy late easter! :) Cute photos!

  6. Loved the photos great Easter look <3

  7. Thank you Bunnie and Keiko-chan! ♥