Monday, October 29, 2012

Lolita Closet: Metamorphose Rose Letter Set

Let's dive into a new addition that is now part of my lolita closet! I have to thank my wonderful friend Keiko for getting me this set for my birthday. Apparently I'm quite difficult to shop for and I had shown this to her asking if she thought the print was nice or not. She told me to not to buy it and bought it for me instead! (^__^;;)

The Metamorphose Rose Letter series was released in 2011, and I suppose they had a surplus of the fabric print over to make sets to sell for a special price and limited sale. I normally don't actively check brand sites often, and I had found out about this sale from another blog that I follow. The only colour left over was actually my favourite of the colours offered, light brown and ivory. The other offered colours were blue and black, and pink and off white. 

Mail! Receiving mail is always nice!
I did not know when the package would arrive since Keiko did not give me a shipping notice or tracking number. I just assumed that it would take a bit for Meta to ship out the item since it was a special sale item. From the day she ordered it, it arrived at my door 3 days later! But I had to pick it up the next day since I was not home for the delivery. 

Metamorphose Temps de Filles
The package was secure and no puncture holes in the outer packaging. You don't have to worry to much about preserving the shopping bag they have used on the outside since they include another bag in the inside of the package (plus the outer bag has tape and all those shipping and customs forms stuck on it. It's impossible to remove that with ease!)
 Inside the parcel was a paper in English thanking you for the order and had the instructions for returning the items if it was damaged or incorrect listed on the paper. Keiko later told me that she had asked them to write Happy Birthday somewhere on the invoice, but either it got lost in translation or they don't do special requests like that.. (^__^")

Rose Letter Set
 Since this was a limited sale set, it came with extra items. It could have varied between a pair of socks, a handkerchief, jewelry, or a headband. I ended up getting a pair of cute socks and a handkerchief that doesn't match this set at all. (>u<*)
The skirt is lovely in my opinion. It's a shame I was loosing lighting on the day I took the pictures because it looks more muted than it actually is. I tried adjusting the color settings to reflect that the print really looks like. The fabric is of medium weight and a nice quality cotton. It is the mini skirt version of the Rose Letter skirts, but I still find that for being "mini", it is still long and just hits right about my knees (and I'm 5'7"). The waist is fully shirred and is versatile for sizing. 

Rose Letter print
The print is stunning. It's a shame that Meta's own promo and sample pictures couldn't do the print justice. There are just so many details in the print to be shown! The theme of the series is 'writing letters', and features stationary and quills and pens. Meta's trademark swans and crowns are integrated into the print as stamps and seals. 

Lace trim
Detail of Rose Letter print
I thought this small portion of the print was very cute. The bottle of "Rose Ink" with the Metamorphose Swans as the label. You can also see the roses and stationary that occur within the print. The raschel lace along the hem is soft and made of cotton as well.

Socks and Handkerchief
The socks I ended up receiving are the Swan and Polka Dot over the knee socks. I was grateful that the coloring somewhat matched the the skirt since I could pair them together if I would like. I still can't place the name of the handkerchief's print series. It seems really familiar to me but I haven't not found it with any success yet. If you know it, please let me know! (*o*@)!

For the price of 6300 yen, I think if you liked the print, it was definitely a great deal. Normally their shirred skirts cost over 10,000+ yen and factoring that their socks usually cost about 2300yen, overall you do save quite a bit of money.
Unfortunately, since last week, they have sold out of this set and the page was taken down a day after Keiko purchased it for me. I guess I was lucky that I ended up finding out about the sale. ^__^"

Thanks to Keiko again for the awesome birthday gift and to everyone else, until next time!


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    1. OOooo, you finally commented on my blog! Haha, proof that you read it ;)!

  2. That's an awesome present! XD I love the color and the print! It's just so sweet and the amount of details... just wow! ♥ The socks looks very lovely too and I think it'd match well with the skirt! Luckily you found out of the sale when you did! XD

    1. Yes! It was meant to be! I think out of all the color choices, this one was the best in my opinion. It's not over the top and more leans more towards classic. I'm also really amazed by the details! I'll have to plot out when I would/should wear this! :D

  3. I think the unidentified print is "Songbird Bouquet".

    1. Oh, thank you! I does look like it. Thanks for letting me know! ♥