Monday, January 2, 2012

The GazettE: Revisited

* Happy New Years everyone! *

This is an update from the concert I went to in October when we went to see The GazettE in Japan. Our friend Becca found a picture they took during the live and she sent it to us. Since we weren't allowed to take pictures at the concert, this was really amazing for us!

The GazettE live @ Kounosu City Cultural Center on Oct 19, 2011
If you enlarge the picture, you can see my friends and I in the front row. We're along the left side, in the front row (infront of Aoi and the mega speakers). We stick out a lot...cause I guess we're a bit taller than the rest of the attendees, and we all have our hands up!! 

\o/  |o| \o/ \o/

Haha funny how my hands are straight up in the air, I didn't want to have my hands infront of my friend's faces when we were cheering and doing the moves to the music!
The band members would stand on their platforms when they performed so the rest of the fans could see them better. Aoi stood on his almost 90% of the time!!
But look how close we were to the stage!! We could have crawled up there and mobbed the band. (@^0^) ♥ ♥!!


  1. @Alice: Crazy insane right? It's almost surreal when I look at this I WAS THERE OMG!! lol

  2. \o/ |o| \o/ \o/

    This makes me think of the Sherlock Holmes story of the dancing stick men LOL

  3. LOL Now that you mention it...they do look like the funny stick men! :D