Thursday, January 5, 2012

Lolita Closet - Metamorphose Sweets Time

One of my great interests and hobbies is to try out macarons from around the world and in different shops. When my macaron hobby collides with my lolita one, usually it's a bad combination. There are some prints out there like "Dreaming Macaron" from Angelic Pretty that are on my 'Someday I might get it list when I strike it rich', but I always do a double-take when I see some macarons on a lolita print.
Of course, one of my Metamorphose purchases had to have macarons in them, so here we go!

This is Metamorphose's Crown Label Sweets Time (One-Piece)

Metamorphose CL Sweets Time OP
At first, I thought the print was a bit overwhelming, but it really appealed to me at the same time. It's not very subtle and is a statement. Before I bought it, I asked my fellow lolita friends about their thoughts of the dress and it ended up in a 50/50 with their feedback. This dress came in two colors, a pink colorway and black, and I think black is definitely the better of the two. My sister expressed that the print was too big and loud, and thought the placement of the doughnut on the bodice might be a problem...
In the end, I wasn't deterred and bought it anyways (≧∀)

Sweets Time bodice details

The details in the dress can be seen so much better in life. There are hardly any good pictures of this dress out there, so I've taken some close up ones to show off the details. I thought the cut and silhouette would be similar to my Swan Lake dress, and they are close, but not the same. The waistline is lower on this dress and gives a very nice shape, it fits me perfectly. ♥ 
I thought the buttons were very cute and matched the print perfectly. The sewn detailed panels on the center front are a bit unnecessary since the print is so prevalent, however I appreciate the thought in the design. The bow on the waistband is removable and some pearls sewn on it which match up with the confetti dots that are in the print. The neck ties are also removable.

Sweets Time print
There's so much to look at in this print and it's really neat to look at all the details that are added into the print design to brand it. On the plate with the cake and macaron, the words "Crown Label" are done in chocolate icing and the words also appear on the playing cards. The logo for this line is seen on the tea pot and on the little heart biscuit on the cupcake. 

Ruffle layer on the hem
It's very hard to tell (although I noticed it in the stock photos) that there's an extra tier of ruffles along the hemline. It makes the hem more fuller, and the usual built in tulle on the lining also helps with that too. The dress looks great on with out a petticoat, but it can also accommodate a large one too. Just depends on the overall look you want to achieve. The lace has a cute ribbon design on it.

Back of the dress
The back of the dress has partial shirring panel and lace up corseting detail on the back. I actually prefer the corseting on this dress because it doesn't lace up through lace, but there are separate channels on the side of the shirring panel with button holes for the ribbon to lace through. It's more durable and won't stretch out the lace. 

Matching headband
This is the matching headband to the dress. Very cute and the bow is centered in the middle. I really like the fabric swatch they used for the headband, you can still see the 'crown label' lettering. There are also some pearls sewn on for detail similar to the bow on the dress.

I'm very happy to have gotten this dress, it's very 'me', it's one of the more fun prints in my collection. It's not a super popular print from Metamorphose but I find if you get ones that suit your personality and are a bit more obscure, those are usually the best. 

Until next time when I dive into my closet for the next showcase!


  1. I wonder what else is in your growing lolita closet!! :) I like the buttons on this dress. You should post some pics of yourself modeling your pieces! Do you wear your dresses out to lolita meetups/gatherings? I'd love to see some shoes (I have a thing for

  2. Haha well, every chance I get now, I'll probably loli it up :) Like this weekend and next since we have a random dinner/party tomorrow and I think my sister is organizing a doll meet next week. If you're free, you're more than welcome to come along! (I don't know the full details yet though..LOL)

    Ohhh but if I model them means I have to be beautified first LOL That takes time @__@;;

    I'll work on that shoe post.. :D I have a small collection of shoes..

  3. LOL I agree you need to post photos of you modeling the dress! :D The dress is lovely and I am amazed at the back of the dress! Does all lolita dress back have those ribbon lacing? (or whatever you call them lol)

  4. LOL sure..
    Hm..not all lolita dresses have the corset lacing detail on the back. It's usually there to cover the shirring. There is a zipper on the side o_o LOL