Monday, February 20, 2012

Lolita Closet - Metamorphose Twinkle Journey

When I think about the top 5 lolita dresses that I would love to have, sometimes it's very hard to narrow it down just to 5. Mostly because my brain can't comprehend and isolate so many beautiful designs I've seen and I just give in. Recently, one of my fellow lolita friends offered to sell me one of her dresses because she hadn't really bonded with it and it's on my 'Would love to own, Top 5 Unicorns" list. I was over the moon when she asked me if I was interested. So, here we go!

This is Metamorphose's Twinkle Journey JSK in Black.

Twinkle Journey
Black and navy were my favorite color ways in this print. It makes the border print pop very well and accentuates the pattern so much more. I actually fell in love with the print when my friends went to Japan last year and their friend had a Twinkle Journey dress and wore it out one day. I met her when I went back to Japan later in the year and she wore the dress again and I was secretly admiring it. ^__^*

It's one of the most popular prints from Metamorphose and even if I do see it, usually someone else beats me to it.

Front details
The 3 bows on the front bodice are removable, and the largest has some pearls sewn on it. The princess seams are accented with ruffled chiffon which also borders the shoulder straps and the top bodice.

Unicorns and swans!
The print itself is gorgeous, the number one reason why it is one of my favorite prints! The Metamorphose logo is printed like a constellation however there aren't a lot of other fun little details in this print like all the other prints I have from Meta. Besides the swans that are a trademark and hint to a Meta design there isn't a crown or a subtle design detail hidden away. It's focused on the unicorns and the whimsical scene.

The hem is finished with a layer of the twinkle journey fabric and a shorter ruffle of chiffon on top. It didn't really photograph well when I took pictures yesterday since I was loosing daylight.
The swans. (Picture taken under desk lamp lighting)
The unicorns ♥
One of the more interesting things I noticed is the material of the dress. It's not a smooth cotton material, but it has a crepe like texture to it. It's very similar to my BtSSB Clockwork Tea Party dress in material. I suppose it would be a way to tell a replica or a real one apart. The print is very sharp and there are no smudges or blurs with the contrasting background. (It might look blurry in the photo, but it's from my camera which likes to focus on one particular spot.)

Back of dress
Shirring panel
The back of the dress is simple. There is no corseting, but a shirring panel that can allow for some stretch. The straps are adjustable if you move the buttons higher or lower, depending on what you need. The waist ties are removable and have this great chiffon detailing on them. It makes tying the bow a bit more difficult, but looks very pretty.

The dress is lined on the inside and has a built in layer of tulle. I just have to reinforce some of the buttons for the waist ties so that they don't fall off. The dress does come with extras on the inside tag though if you do loose one!

Overall, the dress is very charming and it's one of my favorites in my collection. I can't wait to wear it out! If I have the chance, I would love to own the skirt version of this print in the navy colorway, but I'm more than happy to settle with this one dress. ^__^-


  1. Oooh it looks so purdiful *___*

  2. It's really very lovely! I love the pattern and colorway. Very magical! :3 Luckily you got it problem-free or I think you might really start WW3. LOL

    1. Mhmm.. It's just my luck I guess o_o? It it's alright, as long as their acknowledgement and compensation. :3