Tuesday, February 21, 2012

February Doll Meet

This month's Dollfie Dream meet happened over the weekend at Cafe Princess. My sister invited me along since she planned it on the Dollfie Dream forums. We took the private room in the back which was nice so that we wouldn't get too many funny looks from the other patrons and it was easier to talk with everyone and take pictures. 

The girls and one boy!
The room was a nice size for 11 to 12 people. There were 3 tables and some couches lined up in the room. There were windows in the room which provided some nice natural lighting. 
I brought Ventus to the meet and he was one of two resin dolls there in attendance. I figured, a doll is better than no doll! Plus it's nice to see the variety and differences between vinyl and resin dolls. He was dressed up in his Ciel Phantomhive costume that he's been sporting for awhile. I thought it was amusing that he was surrounded completely by all the girls :)

PlasticFantastic and Juu-Yuki brought their Yuki and Rena dolls. 
I still have a hard time telling who's who with Dollfie Dream sculpts, but I found it nice talking to the girls about sewing and making clothes for dolls. My sister and I, along with my friend Amy showed up in lolita :)
Amy and I spent a lot of time talking about lolita and Japan. We were catching up on things since I haven't seen her in awhile.

Amy's Yo-Tenshi Yuh
I was quite surprised with the food served at Cafe Princess. The prices were not bad at all, proportions were generous and the food quality is good. They only serve drinks and desserts however. Everyone seemed to really like the Red Velvet cake! I can't comment myself since I didn't have any. I just ordered myself a fruit parfait ^__^*

Red Velvet cake and Fruit Parfait
You can view the rest of the pictures from this meet, here,and my sister's pictures are, here.

Until next month! ♥

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