Wednesday, March 28, 2012

March Doll Meet

This month we returned to Cafe Princess again to have the meet, and I brought my two little girls to crash the Dollfie Dream meet! I was the only one who had resin dolls there and they were both the smallest too. This theme for this month was Spring, but we didn't have to follow the theme if we didn't want to. 
PlasticFantastic asked me dressed up one of my girls in the Volks Lamb outfit since she really likes it. So I dressed up Lareine as a lamb and Delilah was Hinaichigo :)

Photo credit: Archangeli
I didn't take a picture of all the dolls together since I was sitting farther away and everyone else was taking so many pictures!

Kai-Suteki's Tai

 I spent the time talking with Kai-Suteki and her custom doll she's been working on. It was very interesting because she's been trying to create a custom skin color for her dollfie dream. It's still a work in progress because she didn't let the paint set long enough so it's been chipping in some places and it had this odd sticky feeling to the painted surface. She did tell me that whatever paint remover she has will completely remove all the paint so she can start over again. I was surprised because I would have thought the paint would also stain the vinyl. 
She was nicknamed "Sticky" because of the odd texture/feeling of the paint that didn't set long enough. Kai also custom made the wig, but she's also having second thoughts about the blond color. I think owners are their worst critics because I think it looks fine! I wouldn't even attempt to custom make a wig for my dolls >_<;

Rina, Madeleine, Beato,
Lareine and Delilah

We also spent some time talking about resin dolls because she will be getting one soon. So I just brought my dolls over and started showing the stringing mechanisms and answering some questions she had about resin dolls.
After a couple people left and all the group pictures were done, some of the girls were moved and I went to go play around with them with my little girls.

Hinaichigo is probably one of my favourite outfits for Delilah since it suits her very well and she looks like her! Lareine got a bit washed out since she's white skin and she was in a white.
I was admiring Rina's stockings...and thinking, I wish I could have those in life-size... LOL I find a lot of doll clothes are really cute and sometimes you wish that you could own and wear them yourself!

Nut Waffle with ice cream
My classic lolita style
I didn't order anything too interesting at the meet, but Kai-Suteki's boyfriend got a Nut Waffle with ice cream and it looked really yummy! His only comment was that they drizzled some caramel syrup all over his cookies & cream ice cream so it tainted the flavor.

And this month's lolita coordinate I had for this meet was a bit more toned down since no one else was coming in lolita. Since Galileo and Whitefrosty say I don't post enough pictures of myself in lolita, this is for you! My dress is from Innocent World and bag is Vivienne Westwood.

Here's a link to my pictures and my sister's from this meet.

Until next month's meet!


  1. Very nice, very nice! I love the tights that you're wearing!! >o< And your bag ofc =D Looking forward to seeing more!

  2. Arigatou~~ :D Yeah, I love those tights too...I got them in Japan LOL

  3. Use this link for my set of pics - it has the guest pass.

    1. okee. LOL the link for the group pic went loco...@__@ so I changed it