Thursday, March 29, 2012

Of Books, food, music and movies

I've been working on a few projects this past month and trying to fill in the down time at work because it's quite slow and I don't get as many shifts right now, so it actually works out well. On a break, I was at Costco a couple days ago with my parents and I always go to the book section to see what kind of new books there are. I picked up one called, The Song of Achilles.

It might be a total coincidence, but I've been re-reading Homer's Odyssey, and this book has ties to the Iliad. So, I picked it up and started reading the first few chapters. It's a complete re-telling of Achilles' life through the life of his companion, Patroclus, from how they met and up until their deaths in the last year of the Trojan war.

It was written so well and the descriptions are so vivid. I regret returning it after I bought it because I collect hard cover versions of books and the one I got at Costco was the paperback version. I'll have to remember to buy it again when I place a book order through Chapters or Amazon.

One of the projects I had this month was to make new aprons for the maids of Cafe Delish. Over the weekend, I went to meet up with the maid cafe crew to deliver Bosu the newly finished aprons for this year's cafe. All of the old one's all turned an odd shade of orange for some reason, so we had a sewing day a couple weeks ago to make them at my place. It was really fun to work with everyone and I finished them all up last week. 

We went out to watch a movie at the TIFF lightbox theater, a movie called Jiro, Dreams of Sushi. I almost want to go to his restaurant because Jiro is apparently the best sushi chef in the world but a 15 minute seating starts from 30,000 yen! That's more than $300 and would be the most expensive meal I would have ever ate. I guess I can dream though?
It was a bit of a bad movie choice in my opinion because I was hungry before we went to watch the movie and I was drooling the whole time watching it. Needless to say, I was very hungry after we left the theater.

Yuzu's Sashimi Regular
We went to Yuzu no Hana to have some sushi! Since I didn't have much to eat that whole day I got the Yuzu Bento with chicken teriyaki. Everyone a different type of dish and I couldn't get pictures of everyone's food since we were sitting along the sushi bar. It was interesting to watching the sushi chefs work after watching the sushi documentary though.
The food was very delicious but we only go to Yuzu once in awhile since it is a bit expensive. Unfortunately, before I even started eating I got attacked by a deep fried mushroom. I wasn't impressed since it got on my dress! >__<; But the stains came out so it's not too much of a deal.

This past week, Galileo shared with me a music video of a K-pop group called SHINee. She really loves Death Note and one of boys in the group, Taemin, looks like Mello. I couldn't believe my eyes! I've been a bit obsessed with SHINee for the last week because the dancing in on another level. It makes me wish I could dance like that, but I can't imagine popping or locking, so I'll stick to our maid cafe dance routines. I shall leave this post with the music to SHINee's Lucifer so you can see Taemin / Mello dance up a storm!


  1. Amendment: I LOVE TAEMIN ARRRRRRRHHHHHHHH!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥