Sunday, April 1, 2012

Lolita Closet - Metamorphose March of Duck JSK and skirt in Black

My ultimate unicorn of a lolita dress has been found! I'm so happy I have been giddy for a couple weeks and I still like to look at the dress. I'm really happy it's a part of my collection. I've been really lucky that my friend Amy happened to come across it on Yahoo! Auctions Japan and she told me about it. I think I had a heart attack because I had pretty much settled with the two skirt versions of the print that I already have.

I had to use a proxy service to bid on the auction; since I don't live in Japan I am unable to bid. I went with Japonica because I heard the reviews for their service were very good and the commission prices are quite reasonable. It was easy to contact them and fill in the 'order' form. They always sent a response within 12-24 hours regarding questions or the status of your order. 
I waited for 2 weeks from when I first contacted them, winning the auction, and having it delivered to my door, so here we go!

A package arrives at my door!
You can see the print already :)
I went with EMS even though they give you the option of choosing airmail. I wanted to track the package and make sure it didn't get lost after the long hunt for this dress. Although they didn't under-declare the value of the dress for me, they wrote on the side, "Personal use, Used clothes" (LOL) and it was marked as a gift, so I wasn't taxed on the dress, which I was thankful for.
It was nicely packaged in a big sheet of bubble wrap and the shipping bag was also water proof.
Dream dress!
The dress was in another clear bag for protection and you can see the little slip of paper Japonica used to identify who the item belongs to, since I was assigned a temporary ID for the transaction.  

Metamorphose March of Ducks shirred JSK
I couldn't believe the auction when I saw it. It was the exact version and color of the dress I wanted and it still had the original tags. I thought the way the tags were attached were a bit odd though since the plastic tie isn't broken at all, but it is permanently attached to a safety pin so it can be easily removed. However, the dress looks and feels like it's never been worn. Still fresh! :)
March of Ducks front detail
Since this is the fully shirred version, the whole bodice is shirred which is actually really nice since it's quite comfortable and can also accommodate to many different sizes. There are 3 bows on the front that are removable. The large one has a transparent heart button sewn on it, it's cute and I didn't know it was part of the detail. The two smaller bows sit along the waist line.

There are dual straps on this JSK and all are adjustable if you reposition the button. Since it's fully shirred you don't need a zipper.

Back of dress


There aren't many details on the back of this dress. The waist ties are removable on this dress like most lolita dresses. The ends of the waist ties were finished with matching lace that is along the hem of the dress. There is a built in lining with some tulle to add some volume.

I actually noticed that the lace is different on this dress compared to the shirred skirt I have.

Laces are different!
Top one is the lace on the shirred JSK, it's more scalloped and subtle, while for the shirred Skirt it's a more of a square shaped pattern type of lace. I just thought it was amusing when I noticed it. Not a big detail as long as it's cohesive to the individual pieces. You wouldn't want many different types of lace on your dress...

March of Duck shirred Skirt
Ducks!! ♥
I've had this in my closet for a few months! This is the shirred version of the skirt! I just keep forgetting to blog about it since I had previously blogged about this print in the white version I have. It's lined on the inside but it doesn't have the built in layer of tulle like the Skirt version.

This print is so cute. I don't know if I am willing to sell off the skirt versions of this print right now because initially I was collecting what I could get of this print until I managed to find the JSK dress. We'll see how I feel about them in the coming months. :)
I really have to thank my friend Amy for finding the dress for me! I asked her to keep an eye out and she definitely came through ♥ My love for yellow birds continues and I can't wait to wear this dress out since the weather is getting nicer now!

Until the next closet post!


  1. Congratz on finally getting it! I didn't realize you had so many version of the skirts LOL, I only thought you had the black one. XD I like the details of the dress and the quality of the fabric seems really good from the photos!

    1. Yea...I went a bit crazy buying up whatever I could find of the print. The yellow bird radar would go crazy LOL
      The dress is made from cotton and it's got a good weight to it, not too heavy or thin. :)

  2. Hello, I'm currently adding info and images to Lolibrary. I would like to ask you for your permission to use your picture on Lolibrary for the mini skirt and the regular skirt that you also link in this post (white SK). I will not be taking off your watermark and will definitely creidt you.

    1. Sure, that's fine :) Thanks for asking and letting me know! ♥

  3. Out of curiosity... Have you considered selling the skirt?

  4. Out of curiosity... are you planning on selling the skirt here? :) If you happen to want to... I'd be interested in buying it. :D

    1. The March of Ducks Skirt in black? It's actually one of my favorite lolita pieces on my closet >__<;

    2. Ah, I may have misread your post then. I thought that you might consider selling it since you have the JSK now. Oh well! I've been trying to track down the print for ages now and can't seem to find one. I have a girl trying to sell me one for $170 but I'm not sure if I should be spending that sort of money. I'm so jealous of all your cute duckies! <3

    3. The skirt is very versatile...and I like bringing it with me on trips, so it has become one of my favourite pieces.. ^__^"

      I might consider selling my white skirt, but the price of that skirt would be similar to your other seller since it still has tags attached and is still in new condition... ^__^"

      I have a large obsession with yellow's a bit out of control! haha!