Thursday, June 28, 2012

June Doll Meet (Center Island)

PlasticFantastic decided to plan a doll meet at Center Island for this month and my sister told me about it. We went a couple weeks ago, so I'm a bit behind on blogging about it! (I also failed to blog about April's meet...and there wasn't one in May. It was decided that Anime North would be a place to gather and meet up). 
Since the doll gatherings I attend each month are planned on the Dollfie Dream forums, I'm usually invited to tag along by my sister. I was interested in going to Center Island since I haven't been there in ages. I don't recall the last time I went, but it must have been when I was very young!

The change of setting would be nice too since the last few meets were at Cafe Princess. Since we would have to go downtown, I decided to bring my little ones along again since I didn't want to bring out the bigger doll bag for my MSDs. Zephyria still hasn't made an appearance at any of the meets...oops! (>3<);;

Lareine and Delilah
There was no theme for this month, so I just dressed up my dolls, Delilah and Lareine, for a nice summer day and in some picnic appropriate attire.(Or at least what I deem is picnic appropriate (^__~)*

We ended up going to Wards Island to avoid the large amount of traffic and kids going to Center Island for the amusement park. We found a nice spot by the lake, with a small beach area and a grassy spot with some shade. Initially it started out a bit sunny, and I was a bit worried since I didn't want to have my dolls sitting out in the sun for a long period of time since it makes the resin yellow! But the shade settled so it all worked out in the end. 
Plus a few of us had brought along umbrellas to keep the sun off the dolls!

Group shot!
Since we were on the residential part of the island, it was much more quiet and the pedestrian traffic was very minimal. You did get the random passerby who would be curious, but for the most part, they were pleasant. A couple ladies asked me questions about my dolls since I walked away to use some of the scenery and landscaping to take some pictures. They thought it was cute that a bunch of 'big kids' were basically playing with bigger versions of Barbie dolls. I had to laugh with them since it was basically true! ^__^" (Except these dolls are many times more expensive!)

View from our spot @ Wards Island
The Toronto skyline does look very impressive from the island. I rarely see it unless it's on post cards and it's always changing because of the condos that are increasing along the waterfront. You can see the ferry that takes you back and forth from the island. They run every 15-30 minutes depending on the time and day. To go back and forth it costs $7 for the round trip. 

Amber, Lareine, Delilah
Hinata, Cirno, Yoko, Lily
Besides the random fluffy pollen that was fluttering around, the picnic was a success. The weather was very nice and a large majority of the group brought something to share for the picnic. There were also some house cats that came by to visit us and to roll/play in the sand. Everyone was rather amused by them. The beach also had some swans and ducks that came by too!

PlasticFantastic even brought a long her new MDD, Cirno! I think she's rather cute, but since I'm biased I think my Tinies are cuter (^__^)*

Delilah & Lareine
I'm usually the one who brings resin dolls to the Dollfie Dream meets, but it's not isolated to just vinyl dolls. I've been trying to get Alice to come again, and my friend Keiko to come too, but they're rather busy with school and work for the past few months. But hopefully we can plan something soon so that they can show up! 

Here are the links to my pictures, and my sister's pictures from the meet.
(Some pictures might be friend only, just add me as a contact to see them!)

So until next month!


  1. Wow the Toronto skyline looks so nice *_* LOL yeahh I think I'm due for another meetup! Haha omg with Kakeru!!!! Yo party!!! XD I think Cirno is very cute btw...:>

    1. Yea! The view is really nice :) Come to the next one if you can! I don't know when it is though or whether they've started planning or not though... >_<; My sister or I will let you know as soon as we get info!

      Ohhh! Kakeru!! Good idea :D! Haha, yeah Cirno is cute! You can ask Laura to bring her again next time if you come to check her out!

  2. Wow, the Toronto view looks wonderful! :D You should post more photos of the scenery too so I can imagine I'm there too LOL! Delilah and Lareine are still as cute as ever! >w< *pinch their cheeks* And have more BJD-and-Lolita meetups so that you can spam more photos!! HAHA!

    1. I did a panorama shot of the view from our spot. I'll take more pictures next time when/if we go back :D

      We haven't had a proper BJD & Lolita meet yet! I just show up to BJD meets in lolita...but we'll plan one soon!! :D