Friday, June 22, 2012

Lolita Closet: Angelic Pretty Yumemiru Hiyoko-chan bag

It's been awhile since I've done another lolita closet post, so here we go!

After I had purchased my Metamorphose March of Duck JSK, I felt my closet was more complete. My number one dress was found and everything else on my unicorn/grail list could be found in due time. Plus, I wasn't scouring the EGL community sales looking the dress, so that would prevent me from making more purchases. Some new additions have been added into my closet since Japan, but I'll first start with the newest item that has been added into my closet and only arrived a couple days ago!

As most of my friends know, I'm obsessed with yellow birds of any kind, so I've been on a search to find Angelic Pretty's Yumemiru Hiyoko-chan (Dreaming Chick) Bag! 

Originally, I saw it in a wardrobe post on the EGL community, and I had to ask where it was from. Little did I know it was from Angelic Pretty!
Hiyoko-chan was part of the Happy Garden series released around the Easter period in 2010.

From my initial searches for Hiyoko, I couldn't find it easily because it had become rare and highly sought after. The lolita who had the bag said she bought it off Mbok and rarely saw it there after. I had given up the search in favor of finding March of Duck, but my fellow lolita friend, Amy, messaged me out of the blue and linked me to an auction for Hiyoko-chan. Thanks for the link Amy, I really appreciate it, although I'm not sure my wallet does. >3<;!
I used Japonica again to bid on and win the auction. Once again, I had great service with them and the shipping was super fast. 

New parcel arrives today!
I was really excited to get the parcel, but I was tired from working the night shift so I didn't open the package until I woke up. The package was sealed very well and lots of protection to keep Hiyoko safe & dry. Since it's essentially a stuffed animal, I wasn't worried that it would get crushed or broken. 

Bubble wrap and bag protection! But I can already see Hiyoko and I'm getting pretty excited at this point.
The size is what I expected it to be, but gosh, it's so much cuter in person than in photos!

I didn't realize that Hiyoko-chan would be in brand new condition with tag still attached, so I was surprised when I saw that! I thought it was just in very good condition ^__^"

Angelic Pretty's Hiyoko-chan
It is so adorable, I can't describe it. I showed my sister the bag because she had come over the same day that it arrived and she squealed! She definitely agreed that it was super cute and a good investment!
No regrets!

The fabric is really soft and if it didn't have the strap on it, it could definitely be a stuffed animal! There's some soft blushing on the cheeks and the eyes are embroidered on. The kira-kira effect is so prevalent!
Because of the feet, Hiyoko-chan sits on his butt oddly, but it doesn't cause any problems. I'm glad that it sits nicely to begin with and it is supposed to be a bag!

Inside pouch!
The inside compartment of Hiyoko is quite a bit larger than I initially thought. I was joking with a couple of my friends that I could probably only fit a lipstick inside, but surprisingly, there's a lot of space for quite a few things! The lining consists of a pink polka dot print. The Angelic Pretty tag isn't located on the inside, but is sewn in on the side of the tail portion of Hiyoko-chan.

Side profile of Hiyoko-chan
 The zipper pull is quite small so it's not obtrusive. I wish the strap wasn't so cheap looking, or was removable, but it doesn't offend me, so I'll leave it be. Hiyoko does have small little wings.

Hope you've enjoyed this post! 
Until next time!

Extra Omake:
My lolita character bags, Frederick and Hiyoko-chan! ♥


  1. OMG, when did you get it?! LOL It's so cute! I love Hiyoko-chan's expression! Makes me feel like I want to pick it up and squeeze, I mean hug, it! So adorable!! ♥

    1. Haha, the auction ended a couple weeks ago, but I got it within a week. I know what you mean...the bag is sitting on my desk and one in awhile I squeeze it! haha :D ♥