Friday, January 4, 2013

Metamorphose Winter Lucky Pack 2013

Metamorphose recently posted up their sale for Lucky Packs last month! This year, they only had skirt options available (instead of the skirt or JSK options), but they had the choice between a light or dark lucky pack. 

Since all lucky pack items are unknown, it's always a matter of luck for which items you will receive, but their picture posts usually give you an idea what will be inside a pack! From this year, I gathered that each pack would have this combination:

-Pair of bloomers
-Accessories (headbands, barrettes, bracelets or necklaces) 
I opted to get the darker version of the pack because the example picture had the Sweets Street skirt which is one of those prints that I had previously obsessed over. However, looking at other people's posts of EGL and the variety of prints they have shipped out, I'm a bit disheartened that I didn't opt to get the light version of the luck pack also! (>__<;) 

Lucky Pack time!
 As usual, Meta packages their bags within a bag and included in the package was a thank you note and instructions for how to return the package if there was something defective with it, or an incorrect order.

Unfortunately I got charged with customs for my package and the ransom I had to pay was insane. I pretty much cursed the whole time in my head because the duty was so much. Almost 50% additional for my purchase, so I'm not really happy about that. Plus there's all these ridiculous fees they add on to bring up the price. 

Not. Impressed. 

Let's get onto the good stuff! I took a peak inside because I started taking pictures of everything so I knew I had not received Sweets Street, but from the color and print I knew I wasn't disappointed!
I received the shirred skirt of the Masquerade Lady print!

Masquerade Lady SK

Masquerade Lady Bloomers/Drawers
And to my surprise, I also received matching bloomers for the skirt. I was just expecting plain bloomers from Meta, but this is something different! I don't think I should wear them as bloomers and would look nice with a kodona styled outfit. I'm not really sure what to do with them, but I am amused that I got them in the pack.

Masquerade Lady Print
Since the skirt doesn't include the border design, I think it's a very versatile skirt to pair things with. I don't own too many skirts, but I do enjoy mix and matching them with things in my wardrobe. (Also, they are also very easy to travel with since they don't take up too much space!) The skirt has some lovely soft cotton lace along it's hem and it is lined on the inside. The fabric has a lovely feel and touch to it. You can see the texture that runs along the weft weave of the print in the above picture.

Shirred Ribbon Frill Blouse
 I'm not sure of the name of this blouse, I just read what was on the tag, but it's a simple normal blouse without too many embellishments. Oddly, I almost wish I had this in white since I don't have any plain white long sleeve lolita blouses. The back has a lot of shirring, so it can span a variety of sizes. It has waist ties at the back and has a modestly sized neck tie (that I personally really like!)

Heart Bracelet
My last item I received in my lucky pack was a cute heart bracelet. It has a heart charm and Metamorphose logo charm and when I took it out of the package, I thought if I tweaked it a bit, it would look better as a necklace. . . Hmm... Ideas!

Besides the hideous fees I incurred from customs, I'm rather happy with the items of my lucky pack! I'm glad I didn't decide to get two since the fees would have been an extra burden on my wallet. Because I received the Masquerade Lady drawers instead of plain bloomers, there were no socks or hair accessories includes in my lucky pack to compensate for the price of the drawers. I'm fine with that decision since I have enough bloomers and although I like socks, I rarely wear the brand ones that I own. 

If you ever decide to get a lucky pack, it's usually worth it and helps you build your lolita closet with some staple items. I paid 10,500 yen for this pack, and the retail price of all these items together was 36,645 yen. So there was a huge savings! (*o*@)'!!

Until next time, Metamorphose!


  1. Too bad about customs, but at least you got some nice stuff! :D I'm tempted to get a lucky pack in the future, seeing how much you save! @@ But I'm always paranoid about getting something I don't like since my wardrobe is pretty limited lol..

    1. That's when you sell the stuff you don't like.. But most of the time, I think Meta's lucky packs are really good. ^__^" Next lucky pack season would be summer~~

  2. Ooooh! It looks really pretty good! I love the bloomers! They are just so pretty! I'd definitely love to get a set like this (though my luck tends to be pretty bad LOL)! XD Maybe next time? XDDD

    1. Everything is rather lovely! I think you should try for a luck pack next time. I'm sure you'll get something really nice! :D