Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Lolita Closet: AatP Princess JSK Shirred

My first Alice and the Pirates post, even though it is not my personal Alice dress from my own closet! My sister recently ordered a dress set from Baby's online site and even though she had it for a week, she didn't open it. She knew that I would like to document everything about it, so I ended up taking it home with me one day last week and opened it in my room.
Initially I helped her put the order through on Baby's site because their shopping cart is a bit ridiculous and she could not be bothered to try to read the 'help' page on their site. I have to say, it is a bit nauseating to look at and it helps that I can read some of the Japanese kanji...

If you ever order anything from Baby, the wrapping tissue they use is pink, and if you order from Alice and the Pirates, the tissue will be blue. Something cute that I noticed ^__^"

Alice and the Pirates
They wrapped the dress beautifully and I love the ribbons and I added the sticker into my collection. (Haha, I'm such a dork >__<;; ) The package included the plastic and paper shopping bags as well. I love the attention to detail...♥

AatP Princess Jumper Skirt
The JSK is really nice and simple and I quite like the floral print. It looks really busy in the picture for some reason, but when you look at it up close or in person, it is very pretty. The neck ties are not removable but since they are just ribbons, you can just tuck them on the inside of the JSK and it won't create any bulk. The dress is made out of cotton and has a polyester lining.

AatP Princess JSK front
The front bows are really cute, but they are not removable for washing, however the ribbon for the corseting is. The trim is nothing extraordinary or custom, but it's simple, neat and adds some visual texture and highlights some of the design lines in the dress. I like how they've used it to accent the hemline and it also matches the headband.

AatP Princess JSK back
One of the reasons my sister purchased this dress was because the back is a fully shirred panel and it stretches quite wide. One of the not forgiving things in the lolita hobby is that not all the dresses are made in different sizes and can be somewhat limiting. (-__-")
The waist ties are removable and I really like the ruffled tiers on the back of the dress. It's quite adorable and gives the silhouette some extra poof. It's definitely princess-like ^__^"

The matching headband for this set is quite simple and versatile. You can use it for a lot of other coordinates and it's always nice to have headbands (in my opinion~). The bow has a wired structure so you can shape your bow to your liking and it is made out of cotton.

I really like this dress, when I opened it I was really taken back by how nice the floral print was. I looked nice on the site, but in person, it just really grows on you and it's really lovely. The construction is not as detailed as some other Baby or AatP dresses but I suppose it's because it is a simpler dress. Overall, it's simple and has some lovely elements and I can't wait to see my sister wear it! ^__^

Until my next closet post!
Take care~!

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  1. It's really pretty! I love dresses that have ribbons to let you tie around the neck and the back of the dress with the ruffles is really gorgeous! ♥

    Stop tempting me! LOL!