Sunday, March 17, 2013

Lolita Closet: AP Wonder Story Round JSK

It's been awhile since my last post! I must apologize for that since I began a transition between jobs and what not. I also didn't feel like blogging too much since some posts take awhile to type up. I digress and today we'll look at Angelic Pretty's Wonder Story Dress! The 'Round' version of the jumper skirt!

AP Wonder Story Round JSK
This dress isn't part of my own personal collection, rather it is a gift that I purchased for one of my closest friends as a belated birthday present. (My sister chipped in too!) We're both pretty hard to shop I gave her an IOU when her birthday passed because I had not come to any kind of decision to what to get her. While we were in Japan last year in May, I saw this for sale and my eyes bugged out from their sockets. I just knew it was hers! 

Bodice Details
The fabric has a heavy weight to it and is quite soft. I was quite surprised of the print, because it is really crisp despite being printed on gabardine fabric. There are many details on this dress and I regret not spending more time to stare at it more closely! I love how they took the time to have the "A" centered on the waist bow and the lace used on this dress is gorgeous. It's dyed perfectly to match the saxon blue. 

Custom Lace!
I especially loved the lace on the hem of this dress! The teacups with the AP design is just too much for my lolita heart to comprehend. I thought it was so amazing!

Wonder Story print
I apologize for the odd quality of the photo (>_<;). My camera isn't that great and the twill lines on the gabardine messed up the overall quality of the photo...but you get an idea of the print! I love the Alice in Wonderland theme (which is quite prevalent in a lot of lolita designs) and all the cute details really make the design cohesive. The text on the pages of the book were almost legible, and from what I recall, it was an excerpt of Alice in Wonderland in French. 
I secretly love the falling's reminds me of AP's Dreaming Macaron print...

Wonder Story details
I love how the print has many hidden gems in it. The blue and pink book are titled "Angelic Pretty" and "White Rabbit", respectively. The spines of the other books read, Wonder Party, Wonder Cookie, and Crown Trump, which are other print designs by Angelic Pretty! 

Back of Wonder Story
The back features a full shirred panel and adjustable shoulder straps. The waist ties are removeable. The dress has some tulle built into the skirt to add some volume and it is lined on the inside.

And one of the most interesting surprises I found when I was taking photos of the dress before I gave it to my friend, was that . . . 

This dress has pockets!!!

This is the first dress that I've ever known personally to have side seam pockets! None of my other dresses have them and I'm rather disappointed that they don't! 
 My friend loved the dress and she really likes to wear it...which reminds me that we should get together soon for some high tea! 

And that concludes this post about this dress! 
Please look forward to my next Lolita Closet posts!


  1. I prefer the red colorway, but very cute print nonetheless :D

    1. Thanks~~ Haha well, Keiko loves saxon blue red wasn't really an option for me since it's not my dress! XD

  2. Finally an update? LOL! I love the design of the dress and the prints are really awesome! Something I wouldn't mind wearing hahaha! That key looks really real! @_@

    1. I know! 2 months since my last update on Blogger @_@ I feel bad..! But yes..that key stands out so well, it's very 3D like! It's one of the nicer prints from AP in my opinion :D

  3. I love finding the pockets! Milky Chan and Sheep Garden both have them. I was in town when I discovered that Sheep Garden had pockets so I might have frightened people when I realised it ha