Friday, March 29, 2013

Lolita Closet: IW Henriette Vest

I have not blogged about Innocent World at all in my series of Lolita Closet posts. I recently just made a small order from the company, so I'll share my experience with their ordering system and what I bought from them (*o*@)!

Innocent World is one of the few lolita brands that ships world wide and their english website is very easy to navigate and understand. Their shopping cart system is a bit odd, as there isn't one! Every clothing item has a listing on the side of the quantity in stock in their respective colourways. You have to submit an order form with their special item codes and wait for the company to either reply to you, or be invoiced by paypal for your purchase. My normal e-mail and my paypal e-mail are not the same, so I did not notice I got invoiced until almost a week after! (>_<;) Oops..! 

Innocent World order
Those who know me, have known of my long outstanding quest to find a nice vest to go with my everyday clothing and for lolita. I could not find anything when I was shopping at the mall and a lot of the regular priced vests that I like from Alice and the Pirates are just too hefty on my wallet! Fortunately, IW was having a sale and I saw this vest...and decided to buy it. It was still expensive in retrospect, but I don't regret getting it!
Keiko was over one day, so I asked her for her opinion about the vest and she told me to buy it if I liked it because she knew how frustrated I was about finding a vest. While she was looking at their site, I asked her if anything caught her interest and I'd get it for her birthday (^_^;)

The smaller package is hers, while the bigger one is mine. I asked Innocent World to gift wrap her item and they wrapped them both! Haha..! The packages came with a hand written note thanking me and hoping I would like the goods. I rather like how simplistic it is and makes it feel more personal, and the stationary is beautiful!

Small details for gift wrapping
 They definitely don't go overboard, like how BtSSB or AatP gift wraps their items, but I still appreciate it. I think I'm picking too much of my mom's taste lately, because I really like the floral print of the wrapping paper they used to 'blind package' the items!
Henriette Vest
This vest came in three colourways; navy, brown, and black. I chose black because it coordinates well with a lot of items in my wardrobe. (I apologize if the lighting in the picture is off, when I uploaded them on flickr, it just made all the images darker! Bah! Plus the lighting is all over the place >_<;;) The vest is very simple, there are three non-removable bows in the front and is a round neck vest. Initially I was not sure where the closures were, but their is a zipper on the side seam. Putting it on is a bit odd because you have to pull it over your head and then zip it closed. Not the conventional way to put on a vest...but it does not bother me too much. 

They used a simple rose lace along the collar and princess seams. I wish they placed the top bow a bit lower because it's covered by the lace. If I feel like it, maybe I'll move the bows one day.
Removable ruffle
 The back is very simple, not too many details to talk about. The tail ruffle is removable, and I bought it because I thought it was cute and would look nice with a skirt. There is no shirring on this vest, however the measurements on Innocent World's site are quite accurate and it fits me very well. I find it rather flattering and hopefully I'll get a chance to wear it this weekend!

Little Birds Cameo Ribbon Clip
My experience with Innocent World was a positive one. Their customer service is great and they do respond to you quite quickly if you send them inquiries. I e-mailed them back informing that I had received the package and thanking them, they were sweet enough to say that in the future if I needed anything gift wrapped again, to give them the names of the recipients so they could include personalized notes in their packages. (*o*)! How sweet is that...! ♥

If any of you are wondering what I ordered for Keiko, I got her this barette.
I obviously don't have pictures of it since it was her birthday gift and it would not make sense for me to open her package! I did see it when she opened it and it is very beautiful...and she can wear it anytime too!

So, until next time!


  1. OMGGGG I love that vest!! I want!! LOL! I like how the tail is removable! Makes it very versatile! ♥ I envy you! HAHA!

    1. My long long quest for a vest led me to this one! I love it too *o*! Hehe~~ It's a really nice piece for lolita and normal wear. I now need to stop spending and save money. Urg LOL!!

  2. After being trolled all over the world, you finally have your black vest!! ^__^b

    1. Finally!! It's about time I found the perfect vest! Hehe I was lucky too...since after I put the order through they sold out. It wasn't in the sales section! :D!