Sunday, August 7, 2016

Lolita Closet - Bodyline Nostalgia Waloli Set (L051)

One of the more interesting sets I have in my closet is from Bodyline. It was the first Japanese lolita-esque item I ever bought on my first trip to Japan with my family back in 2008. I remember going to Harajuku and seeing Bodyline and thought some of the sets and prints were very cute and affordable. At that point in time, I wanted the set more to wear at a convention and never thought I would start collecting and wearing lolita. This is the Nostalgia Waloli set (L051) that retails for 4999 yen.

Waloli set from Bodyline
I remember going into Bodyline and trying to try on the top in store. After some miscommunication and sign language, I realized that they don't allow customers to try on their clothes in the store. I also realized it was one size, but I remember the shop girl giving me a thumbs up saying it would fit me...haha! 

There's three components to this outfit set. The top, the skirt and the waist piece. I chose this waloli set because I liked the blossom pattern on the fabric and thought it was a nice budget piece. The top is a one size fit and quite loose on me. There are some ties around the waist area on the front panels to secure it in place and to get that 'Y' on the front of the top. The way that the ties are built in, it's impossible to not put it on correctly. The front panels are lined with some black cotton lace and is on the collar as well.

Back photo
The sleeves have fully finished seams, so you can hide some items in them without anything falling out. I think I put some random things in my sleeves, like coins or some tissue, when I wore this outfit to a convention. 

The skirt has an elastic waist and does not give too much. You could probably replace the elastic if it is too tight, but it was alright for me. It consists of a black ruffled under layer and has two asymmetrical cut pieces of the blossom fabric which is all sewn together at the waist band.

I could never figure out if I should tuck in the top into the skirt and then place the waist belt on top, but I remember thinking it didn't look quite right, and even on the promotional pictures on Bodyline's site, it had the bottom portion of the top sitting on top of the skirt. I had habit of tucking in the bottom corners of the front panels into the front of my skirt, just to help give some volume to the skirt and visual interest. I don't think it matters that much, considering the fabric really blends in on itself. How you wear it and whether you tuck it in or not is all up to your own preference.

Butterfly bow
The waist bow is pre-constructed and looks more like a butterfly than a traditional obi bow. It is made of the same black cotton fabric with interfacing to help reinforce it to keep it's shape. The whole back panel of the waist belt is shirred, and the way you put it on is with a zipper fixture on the side. There are two decorative ties that go all the way around the belt, and are adjustable.

I was lucky on my trip since I managed to find some cute zori shoes in a shop called Geta-ya in Asakusa. They were out in the front of the store on display for sale and I remember thinking, they might match this outfit! I had to make my own black tabi socks to go with this outfit when I did wear it since I couldn't find any black ones in Japan.

I hope you thought this blog post was interesting and you liked this feature. It's not a common choice for someone to have a set like this in their lolita closet and it leans more towards a costume piece rather than a fashion piece. However, I still consider it something unique and combines that fusion between tradition and unconventional fashion from Japan.

Until next time!
Stay fancy!

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