Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Lolita Closet - Metamorphose Swan Lake OP

It has been a very long time since I have updated with a closet post. I was going through my flickr, and I realized I had prepped photos for future closet posts but never got to them. Now that I have more time and a focus for blogging, I'll start posting more items that I've acquired and added to my lolita closet in the past few years. 

Let's go back to one of the first few lolita items I ever purchased, Metamorphose's Swan Lake OP dress in off white. They originally released this series in 2008 and is one of the more iconic Meta prints out there. It's a classic and I'm sad that I don't get to wear this print more often. 

Metamorphose Swan Lake
 I originally bought this print when I was on a trip to Japan and unfortunately, the collar that came with the dress was missing when I purchased it. I prefer it without the collar, but it would still be nice to have it to complete the set.

Close up of the front
There are a lot of details to go over in this dress and it is very versatile. Meta made it so that the sleeves, bows, waist ties were removable on this dress. When the sleeves are attached, they're too short for me, so I prefer to wear it without the sleeves. The dress is made from a soft cotton material and has a quarter-panel of shirring on the back. There is a side zipper to help you to get into the dress. I'm almost 5'7" and this dress is high waisted on me just because of my height.  

There is some lovely gathering designs on the front of the dress that continue in to the back. It features some ruffles made from the fabric of the print and some sea green tulle that is also part of the colour palette that is seen on the trees and castles in the main print.

The collar and sleeves are white while the rest of the dress is an off-white beige color. It's something I found strange in the overall design, but it's a matter of personal taste. Since the swans are white, it helps add balance to the overall design.

The overall print has stars, moons, crowns and small carriages featured throughout and the main motif of the print has many swans swimming in the lake and has carriages approaching the lake shore. I love how they carefully cut the the waist ties to show a prominent part of the print as opposed to the side seams on the dress, where they cut off the print where some of the swans were and they didn't make a conscious decision to keep the continuity of the print. The cotton lace on the hem is plain and there is nothing very remarkable about it.

Back of the dress
 The waist ties are attached by two shank buttons on each side and are a good width to make a full back bow. The dress has a built in layer of thick tulle to add some poof to the bottom of the dress. It helps add some fullness, but I would still wear it with a petticoat underneath.
This dress is one of my more treasured ones in my closet. It brings back fond memories of my trips to Japan and how it led me into this hobby. There is something so simple and charming about this print and the theme is very romantic.

I hope you enjoyed this closet feature, until next time!
Stay fancy!

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