Friday, October 14, 2011

Almost time for Japan!

In less than a couple days, we'll be flying off to Japan. It's going to be awesome!! I can't believe it's already here! I'm freaking out, this is so awesome. :)

I caught a bit of a cold earlier in the week though, but with a lot of rest I've gotten and pretty much over dosing on drugs and medications, I've gotten a lot better!

Can't wait to go to the GazettE live!! We have front row seats! I don't know how we managed to get those but I'm freaking out *__*!!

I guess my next update will be after the trip...lots and lots of pictures :) Until then! ♥


  1. You go girl! Have lots of fun and HAPPY BIRTHDAY in advance! Can't wait for the photos! And say hello on my behalf to Kakeru LOL

  2. whoa! This is news to me! HAVE TONS OF FUNNNNN!!!! Take lots of pics!