Sunday, October 2, 2011

Meet Kaiyouko

This is my friend's Abio Angel Doll Ba. (Or I think it's a Ba, I'm not really sure, and I don't think she knows either..) At first Keiko asked me to help her with sewing and making clothes, but the first lesson turned into me redoing the faceup for her doll. When I first saw her doll, I noticed that she looked like of like an alien. She had strong eyeliner around her eyes, but everything else was very plain. Cold and robotic lady...
I also noticed, the gloss that was used by the company was turning yellow!! So...I decided to give her a make over with Keiko's permission :)

Unfortunately, I don't have any before pictures of her company face up because my computer fried and I lost everything that was on my computer. So...we'll just have to look at the after shots :)!

Keiko asked for a simple and natural face up and overall the effect greatly changed her appearance from before. She commented that her doll looked a lot more happier, I personally think she looks very sweet :) I really like the green eyes and when I finished the face up, I told Keiko that she would probably look better with brown hair, since it would match her skin tone and eyes better. Her doll had this curly blonde wig that just didn't work...but she had an extra brown wig...which I decided to re-style. The end result is what you see in the photo. I cut a good 7" off that wig and braided it. Too bad I didn't take a picture of what it looked like was really strange! It was parted into two ponytails and was messily curled at the bottom...I didn't like it, and I don't think Keiko did either. So...I had a good time with my scissors :)!

We'll hunt for more accessories for her doll in Japan, so she'll probably get a new look soon!


  1. lol, it would have been nice to see the before pics. The way you describe it, it really sounds like the shows "a makeover story" or "what not to wear" but for a BJD! :D She's really pretty now; good job!

    Btw, when are you leaving for Japan? Are you going tomorrow like me? I'm still up for fabric hunting or just chilling out with ya, so let me know if you have time~~ :)

  2. We haven't worked out when we're going to go fabric shopping.. @__@;
    We're currently plotting out all our activities. Will you have internet access while you're in Japan? I can message you to see when we can meet up. We don't leave until Sunday though~

  3. Yup, I'm bringing my laptop and there should be wireless at the place I'm staying. I won't be in Tokyo until the 20th.
    I heard Nippori's an awesome place for the fabric. I can't wait. :D