Sunday, November 13, 2011

Lolita Fashions - Pt. 1

Recently on my trip to Japan...I've really taken a liking to Lolita fashion. I've done Waloli and some casual lolita here at home at Anime North, but after this trip sparked something within me.

We had Lolita day where we all dressed up and had some fun walking around in Akihabara going into the various shops and puri-kura machines. It was really fun, but I noticed throughout the trip, I don't see to many lolitas out and about anymore. Granted, some of the areas we were going didn't have a high percentage of a chance to see them anyways LOL
Part of the reason we were dressing up was because we were going to the @Home Maid Cafe. I'll blog about that soon! It was very cute and interesting to go to a real maid cafe.. :)

Keiko and I waiting to be seated. @Home Maid Cafe, Japan.

Now, I'm an amateur when it comes to lolita fashion, but if I'm going to do it, gotta do it right! So we brought the stockings, extra dress shirts and our petticoat. Keiko and I did buy the dresses we're wearing above in Japan, but I did bring an extra one just in case I didn't find one for myself.

It's very interesting when I read and check out sites and forums about the fashion itself, how it's quite elitist. Different brands and prints all contribute to whether you're a 'legitimate' lolita or just a cheap 'cosplaying' one.

I've always loved Metamorphoses dresses and designs. They just have the most unique prints that capture my mind. Some are a bit strange, but I appreciate that the brand tries to think outside the box. I did get a Metamorphose dress towards the end of this trip. Probably one of their most beautiful prints in my opinion, the Swan Lake OP (one piece) dress.

Sleeves and bows are removable. Mine didn't come with the collar piece. I also bought the matching headband.
Detail of the print
I've got a soft spot for fantasy's horrible! I could probably spend a whole blog post talking about Metamorphose, but I won't! The only reason I went out on a limb to get this dress was because at the maid cafe, our maid commented us all on our dresses and asked where we got them from. To make it short, I was quite embarrassed when it was my turn and it was revealed my dress was a Bodyline dress. LOL God, I love Bodyline, but it's seen as the lowest of the low when it comes to Lolita shops. Even the maid laughed at me and did a really cute "Shhhh I won't tell" to us.

Aughhhhhhh, the embarrassment. *gets shot*

To make matters worse, when we were in Donki, they had a Bodyline section, and they had the exact same dress I was wearing. I was standing there, holding the same dress next to mine having a minor heart attack. That drove the nail into the coffin. It's bad when a maid laughs and jokes with you about your dress, but when you see it at one of the biggest thrift stores in Japan. That really hurts. :(

So, my unfinished business in Harajuku was to find a lolita dress (and to find some stuffed animals at Kiddyland). I was dead set on finding and buying one that day, even if it melted my credit card.
So, I have one brand dress in my closet and it's beautiful. Now I just need an occasion to wear it. That's the shame about living here in Toronto...the fashion is so...conservative. Need to have a lolita day with my friends so that we have group impact. If I do it myself...I'll just get weird stares. Which I'm used to anyways, because of cosplay. -__-'

Next Lolita Fashions post will be about Bodyline.


  1. Wow, that's really a cute dress! I love those angel wings in your hair too! SUCH CUTENESS! Me want!! LOL. But really, I didn't know lolita fashion is elitist, it's so weird!

  2. YES. CONGRATS!!! I mean... I'm so jealous! I've stared at loli fashion for some time, and I actually bought an offbrand petticoat and a fancy dress but never had the chance to actually wear it yet. LOL I've always wanted to get into lolita too! YAY! :'D But you're so right about the thing with Toronto...I hate getting stared at so here it becomes too closely tied with cosplay, as opposed to Japan, they make it seem like it's a lifestyle for some. o.o Also in a way, I think it's a tad mean of those girls.. I mean, you shouldn't have to feel embarrassed >< It's an expensive hobby, but everyone has to start somewhere, right? There's no shame in that. iunno, sometimes I think the dolly hobby is a bit elitist too. But I guess it's elitist only if you make it so. :/ I WILL get my own loli dress someday too! Looking forward to your future loli posts :) I really hope you do a feature on Baby The Stars Shine Bright, especially Alice & The Pirates cause they're my favourite LOL. Saw the catwalk show for their latest collection and went /brb crying forever/ orz!!

  3. THAT DRESS IS BEAUTIFUL, BTW, LOVE THE COLOUR & PRINT!! :D Idk why I squick at dresses that are 100% pink. I mean I like pink, but it seems overkill for me to wear it cause I'm like... so not a pink girly-girl kind of girl >_<

  4. @Galileo: Haha the Bodyline Carousel dress I'm wearing is quite cheap actually! And even if it isn't brand, I find it quite adorable. :) The angel wings in my hair are my sister's actually. She bought them at one of the conventions here, but we know the seller as a friend :) I can see if she still has any to sell~
    Well, I think with many things and hobbies in life, there will be a lot of elitist attitudes. It's the passion and a lifestyle, so I can see where it stems from. However, it's a bit intense...but it can also apply to everyday fashion and BJDs.

    @Alice: LOL You kill me. In a good way :) Maybe you should join us in our random Lolita day...whenever that will be. The petticoat that I own is definitely not brand LOL It's made by some dance company...and initially I got it for the maid cafe. But more chances to wear it, the better :D

    I've gotten used to being stared at. And it's not like the fashion is offensive or anything, so really, they're probably thinking, "Omg, where did they get that?" Or "Is that some kind of weird costume?" LOL

    Next post about Bodyline will explain more things about starting somewhere and whatnot. My order needs to come I can document more properly, however, I totally support buying off-brand items. I think, as long as you're doing it right and appropriately, there isn't anything wrong with wearing non-brand items...'s been a long time coming for me to actually get a brand dress LOL

    Haha Alice & the Pirates in my 2nd fav :) I'll probably make a post about BtSSB soon too~ I have some items I can talk about from their company...:)

    Which dress do you like? LOL I'm confused...cause non of my dresses are pink....HAHA

  5. Hahaaha wecould do a doll x lolita meet, now wouldnt that be fun *_*!!!!! true, I've seen some lolitas walking around the Eaton's centre and at pmall once so i guess its nothing too far out.. Anymore, i guess :D oh and what i meant was that i personally dont fancy the 100% pink sweet lolita, i think its kinda boring/typical? Which is why i love seeing dif colours and print combos :) but then again I heard that wearing pink is supposed to be good for you, boosts estrogen production or something LOL. I actually really like some off brand stuff ^^

    In one of my lectures once, a girl walked in wearing lolita. It was kind of..60% there, cause she just had the dress on and no hair/headpiece/petticoat. I was like, whoa!~ She's in Lolita, awesome!

    Oh...yeah. 100%pink sweet lolita @_@ I actually found a pretty cheap Metamorphose dress at a 2nd hand shop in Japan, but it was pink...with POODLES. I couldn't do it. The poodles really killed it for me, even though the poodle print is a classic for metamorphose. *shot* LOL

    ..Boosts estrogen production. Good think...I own some pink stuff? LOL

  7. omg mo and Alice, you girls are so nutters!

    Yes - I'm all for a doll x lolita day.

    Goddammit... I still haven't gotten a shipping email from Bodyline yet >__<" I want my rocking horse shoes T__T"

  8. Whoa, I had no idea they were such elitist... but I guess it makes sense because it is fashion, so designers/brands do matter.
    Can you make your own dress, or is that looked down upon over there? o_0

    You sure pick expensive hobbies though~ hope the credit card isn't too toasted after Japan, lol. Looking forward to reading more about it~~ :D

  9. Hmm Making your own dress shouldn't be looked down upon. I guess I don't really know the answer to that question! But that would be kind of fun though, to make your own dress :)