Sunday, November 27, 2011

Luts La Sirenita Pine - Box Opening

 Shamelessly copied and pasted from my DoA thread... LOL (>__<);;

My friend, Keiko, received her doll last week and I have the pleasure of doing the face up for her doll. Keiko has given me permission to share her 'box opening' with you. This is the special release version of Pine from Luts during Sept/Oct. I actually put the order through for her while we were vacationing in Japan.

The shipping was very quick, her doll arrived within 3 weeks from the order date.

Sirenita Pine comes with her Elf and Human head, with high heeled feet as extras. My friend changed the feet to the heeled ones before she gave her to me, so she doesn't stand...well. I'll most likely change her doll back to the normal feet later.

Her arms are double jointed, however, her knees are not. Resin color is Real Skin Normal.
Apologies for the bad lighting in the photos...I was loosing daylight when I took the pictures >__<;

Luts Box! It's quite pretty.

Stringing Booklet. It also came with some promotional business cards which I didn't take a picture of.

Since she can't stand well because of her heeled feet, I took a picture of her sitting. I'm not impressed with the eye color choice Luts gave her...but they were random, so my friend and I can't complain too much.

Her hands are very pretty and delicate looking.

Her eyes are glass. But I can't put a finger what colour this is. Reminds me of swamp water... LOL!

A picture of her heeled feet!

Her human head. I'm not sure which head I prefer myself...I think the human one. Personally, I'm not so interested in fantasy sculpts...

She is quite light compared to my Volks MSDs. She is also quite slight when I compare them to my MSDs, smaller in height and girth. I have a feeling Keiko is going to spoil her rotten. I'll update again when I finish both the face ups!

Thanks for looking! :D


  1. I love her box! And I bet she'll be a stunner with faceup, can't wait to see!

  2. Swamp Water. Mmmm

    That's one of my fav teas from David's! LOL

  3. Ooh, I thought this was for the boy I considered, but that was Darae, forgot about the gender swap lol. I wanna see the faceup!! Lucky you get to faceup so many heads, I wish I got more practice so I didn't suck at faceups so much myself lol T3T;;

  4. @Galileo: I have to get around to giving her that face up! I was going to work on it today, but it's been raining since yesterday.. :(

    @Bmo: LOL Yum...swamp water. Does it look like her eye color when you brew it? ;)

    @Alice: Yeah! They swapped the genders for this event. Dunno how I end up with all these chances to do face ups...I still have another one to post up actually. LOL! You don't suck at face ups!! >3<;;; You had extra heads to work on didn't you? But I think you sold them :(
    You could buy a cheap head off the MP to practice on? Or wait for another event for a head..o_o..