Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lolita Closet - BtSSB Clockwork Tea Party

It's time to document my first Baby the Stars Shine Bright dress! This was part of their Autumn collection, Clockwork Tea Party. I've actually seen the the print before, from their fashion show clips at the beginning of this year. It was a prevalent motif in their animation sequences. 
Classic vanilla tea × Ivory lace
Blue mallow tea × Navy lace

 This is the Clockwork Tea Party, Pearl Jumper Skirt.

First, I'll talk about the dress.Most of all the items from CTP are sold out except for some of the JSKs and a few headbands on the site. I really favor the Ivory color more than the rest (besides the blue colorway). They are my favorite colors in this collection. They also have cute color names for the dresses.

I bought my dress from Closet Child. It is a Japanese second hand dealer for Lolita, Punk and Gothic fashion. They have a few shops in Japan, and I've visited the one in Shinjuku and Harajuku. It's actually quite fun shopping in there because you can find some hidden jems. The online site offers a smaller selection of what they have but the prices are very fair and they have descriptions of the faults or problems with the dresses. 
The only drawback is that the site is a bit difficult to navigate. Ordering was an interesting adventure, but the communication between Closet Child and I went very well and they are very polite in answering all your questions. They will also under declare the item for customs to save you some money, which is great! (^__^)

Second, I bought the headband that matches this dress from Baby directly. They did not have the headband on Closet Child and after some thought I decided to get the head band because it would help complete the look. It's probably the most expensive headband I've ever purchased. (O__O)
Baby is very quick to respond to your orders and shipping. They do not however, under declare items, so I ended up being charged customs on my headband. Adding to the fact it's the most expensive headband ever purchased...

They sent the headband in a big box. They included a Baby shopping bag too.
It was all nicely wrapped. It's all about presentation!
Lovely headband. There's wiring on the edges so you can shape or flatten it.
The headband is quite large when I put it on my head. However if I have my hair done and the dress on, the look is balanced nicely. The lace is beautiful and it matches the dress completely.

BtSSB Clockwork Tea Party in Ivory with headband
Bun-bun is making an appearance again. The dress is gorgeous. I was a bit wary of the sateen ribbon bow but they have added a matching ribbon across the waistband to keep the continuity in the design. The pearls are detachable and so are the waist ties. 

Clockwork Tea Party print
The print is even more lovely in life, you can see all the details in the design. The spoons, cups and saucers. I really like the cake stand and tea pot. There is a stack of books (I think it's not in the picture or it's cut off) that has the Baby logo on it. 

Back of the dress
Here is the back of the dress where you can see the shirring and the laced corseting that hides it. Here you can see the sateen ribbon being used also on the back along the waistline. The fabric is cotton and has a rich texture to it. Overall, I'm very impressed with this dress and series. It's very whimsical and the print has lots of elements that I really like. It's more of a spring/summer dress for me. I can't wait for winter to be over so I can wear it!


  1. It's so lovely and I like the prints too! I am surprise there is laced corseting at the back of the dress. I think it makes it look very pretty! XD Lucky you! I want a dress too! LOL

  2. Hehe, thank you! Most lolita dresses have the laced corseting on the back to hide the shirring. Otherwise there isn''s a hit or miss LOL

    Lolita and BJDs will make us poor. LOL but pretty? :D

  3. Very pretty dress :) I never knew the prints were so detailed and beautiful, looks like a work of art! x_x

  4. Some of their prints can be very beautiful. Usually there's a lot of subtle details built into the print. Next time I go to Japan and visit Closet Child, I'll take more time staring at the prints. Most of the time I was worried about sizing and pricing o_o LOL

  5. hello,i buy this dress when she is solding but recently a lose the headdress and i search just the headdress. would you say where i find it. please help me!!!!!

    1. Sorry for the late reply, I bought the headdress directly from Baby The Stars Shine Bright's online store.
      Perhaps you can look through the EGL community sales or on Closet Child for the headdress? I'm sorry I'm not much of any help >_<;