Monday, December 5, 2011

Luts 2011 Winter Event Order

My sister, Keiko and I did a group order from Luts during their Winter event a few weeks ago when they had the 20% discount promotion on their wigs, clothes and shoes. Since I'm usually the 'leader' of the GO, I did the down payment for it. We managed to get it over the amount to get the free head. I think I'm inheriting the head since my sister and Keiko don't need it (for face up or doll purposes). Considering I do all the face ups for their dolls when they need it...yeah, so I'll just keep this random floating head.... (>_<)"

Mom received the box for me since I got off a night shift and was sleeping when the post man came. I rolled out of bed to check what it was since I have a few packages coming in this week. I saw the big Luts logo on the side of the box :)

Bunny Gloomy hiding my address!

The box is a lot bigger than the previous purchases I've done through Luts. I usually get the smaller HDF box? I believe this one is for KDF (mini) sized dolls... :)

The goodies!
After I took out some of the newspaper stuffing, this is what was inside! It was very neatly packed and lots of bubble wrapping. The big bubble wrapped block in the center is the event head.

My sister's Luts order.
I'm actually missing a pair of shoes in this picture. I added it into Keiko's 'lot' because I didn't remember she ordered two pairs until I consulted my list later on... (^__^);; The coloring of the red wig is really lovely. I quite like it actually! You can't see what the wig in the circular tub looks like, but I think it's a long wig with some light curls at the end? (I'm not sure, since I didn't open it to look at).

Keiko's order
Keiko bought the most out of all three of us! Most of it is supplies for her dolls since she's recently gotten more interested in this hobby. (In a previous post, I ordered a Sirenita Pine for her :) ) She got some MSD sized things for her doll. The box is an eyeball case and there are a couple head caps and a doll stand. The heeled shoes belong to my sister's stuff. 

Lut's Acrylic eyes. Ocean Blue
There were a couple smaller packages in the box wrapped in an additional layer of bubble wrap. Turns out one was Keiko's eyes and the other was a hair accessory I ordered. This is the first time I've put an order through for eyes, so it's interesting to see the packaging. I quite like the color!

Luts Winter Event Head 2011

Luts Winter Event Head (side)
 I don't think I would have purposely tried to get the head from Luts. I'm not a huge fan of the sculpt, but considering we were putting an order through, I figured if we reached the mark to get the event head, why not? I think it's the nose that bothers me? Or the eyes...I can't really put my finger on it. Perhaps with a face up the head will look better to me? :)

My part of the order!

 I bought a couple outfits, since I figured it would be nice to give a couple of my girls some new clothes. I haven't had a chance to make more stuff, and the prices were reasonable because of the sale on Luts. I bought a honey-pink wig for Zephyria. It's for a project that's in the works...I should have taken a picture of it on her! It looks quite lovely ♥ 
The little accessory is a crown. I've been a bit obsessed over it for awhile ever since I saw it on the promo pics for HDF Cream....and since I don't plan on getting Cream I figured getting the hair accessory is the next best thing. \(^_^-)/!

Ventus and Delilah
Here's Delilah in her Muto set from Luts. She's not wearing the stockings or the headpiece from the set right now, but I think it's a very cute set! The set comes with 5 pieces and it's very well made! Even the blouse has some great lace details on the front.

Zephyria and Chester Cat
Here's Zephyria in the Sweet Love set. It comes with the dress and a pair of black stockings. At first I was hesitant to get this dress because although I liked it, I thought it was still a bit overpriced because it didn't come with a lot of pieces. In the end I got it because I kept thinking about it. I thought it wouldn't fit Zephy because in the packaging it looked a bit small, but it fits very nicely on her!
Until next time Luts!


  1. Ohhh you got it already! Very lovely stuff! I wish I had the money to get more. And you got honey pink wig too on top of the muto set? LOL I tell ya girl, I got a honey pink boy wig too (though I am trying to sell it) ROFL. Seems like we got similar taste? lol!

  2. LOL The honey pink wig isn't for Tiny size though. It's for MSD... it's a project that in the works I guess you can say. Slow progress though..@__@;
    I guess we do have similar tastes! haha ;)

  3. I'm surprised I was able to resist Luts so much this time around LOL *proud* Nice outfits! We should do a big DP meetup, bring all your bjd friends !! :)

  4. We should Alice! Hurry up and be done with school already! :P