Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Lolita Closet - Metamorphose March of Duck

Metamorphose is my favorite lolita brand and one of my favorite and dream prints is from them. I've been a bit obsessed with yellow birds for a long time. I have a bunch of stuffed animals and other things with yellow birds and and so when I discovered this print, I had to have it.

This is Metamorphose's Crown Label March of Duck Skirt.

Metamorphose March of Duck SK
I must apologize for the photos, they make the print a lot more muted than it is. I didn't have a lot of sunlight the day I took the pictures. Bun-bun is also making an appearance again (^__^)*
This is the longer skirt version with soft tulle ruffles along the hem. The tulle ruffles have a cute polka dot print on them. The back portion of the waistband is shirred. My sister commented that it was really small and would fit her thigh. I told her it just looks small, but it fits me quite well. (^__^)*
There is a belt that is removable with a detachable bow which has pearl decorations. The color of the skirt is an off-white. I thought it would be more white, seems like I like getting these cream/off-white lolita clothes.

Duck details!
I love the print. The swim rings are adorable, lots of cute details with the Metamorphose logo. I think it's amusing how the Metamorphose name is cut off saying Metamorph. I love how the ducks are also holding balloons. The balloons have the swan logo on them and I really like those small ducks that appear along the bottom. There have been some funny comments regarding the background of the print, some say it looks like a graphing paper. I find that it doesn't bother me much.

Crown Label tag and you can see the pearls.
I was very lucky to find this with tags still attached! It's so hard to find older prints in this condition. The bow is cute, I might somehow turn it into a headband if I have the time or if it works with what I decide to coordinate with this skirt.

The built in tulle on the lining to make the skirt look fuller.
There's a lot of love and hate with this print, and obviously I'm on the side that loves it. I was so happy when I got this in the mail. Pretty much jumped out of the bed even though I had very little sleep from a night shift and ran to get the box. (^__^)"

I'm still always on the lookout for the JSK version of this print in black, but I'm quite happy with this skirt. Hopefully someday I can acquire this dress though. My lolita closet expands, stay tuned for my next post featuring other items.


  1. A dress with yellow birds on them. Gosh they MADE this dress for you, didn't they?! LOL


  3. SO CUTE! I love those swimming tubes on the ducks! XD I sort of have a fetish for ducks now. The other day I bought a packet of 8 ducks for Near Junior and they were just so cute despite the crappy quality LOL. Wish I bought that Duck hand puppet from Luts! OTL

  4. Thanks!!! ♥ My duck obsession is affecting you. I have some small cute fuzzy yellow birds Alice gave me and they're super cute! They were from the dollar store..HAHA!
    Omg, I have the Duck hand puppet from Luts...LOL! (Had to get it!)