Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Atomic Lollipop 2012 Report!

Here we go again, the Meido don't stop! Atomic Lollipop is a small 2-day convention in it's 2nd year with a more laid back anime, fun, carnival atmosphere. This year it was on the weekend of July 14-15, 2012. We brought Cafe Delish to Atomic Lollipop this year after some persuasion from our friend, Kevin. It was in discussion for a bit and I actually didn't have too many details of the event until the week (and day before) it happened.
We were invited as guests to host a small 3 hour cafe seating serving drinks, cookies and cake on Saturday. Since it was a smaller event, only a few maids were needed for the cafe, so Yumi, Chiyou, Nana and I were there to represent! (*o*@)!

All Photo & Video Credits: Bosu
We also hosted a 萌え (Mo-e) Dance panel  and taught all the participants how to dance to Cafe Delish's version of Mune Mune Kyun. Initially, I wasn't sure how the panel was going to go and whether people would show up for it, but we had a good turn out and everyone learned the dance so quickly within an hour! They were all really amazing! Thanks to everyone who came to our panel (^__^)/*
Yumi and I sending some love to the rainbow cake!

We were serving complimentary lemonade and cookies from 2 - 5pm, but we also offered a 萌え package for $5 that included a slice of rainbow cake and iced tea. Whoever purchased that package got to play games with the maids and got a complimentary Cafe Delish pin badge. Bosu only bought 2 cakes thinking it wouldn't be that popular, but we ended up selling out of the cake! All the proceeds from the 萌え package went to the charity, World Wildlife Fund!

Serving tables
The cafe was more restaurant style since we would seat groups as they came and went. There wasn't a time limit, but everything seemed to move very smoothly. Since we were set up in the lobby (rather than outside in the blistering heat and super loud airplanes that would pass by), the chairs there served as a waiting area for other patrons. We only had 4 tables which sat around 3-4 people each, but in the picture above, we somehow managed to fit in 6 people plus their friend who came by to visit later on after I had served the cake and drinks!

Everything went along smoothly in my opinion! Our two volunteers were a great help and we were very grateful to have them (*o*♥)! We would perform some of our older maid dances to keep the energy up and play some random games with everyone.

Of course, after the cafe was done and we had packed everything away, it was time to eat! We all went to eat at Montana's next door in our maid outfits, which I thought was pretty amusing. We did stay behind to check out some of the panels and events happening at Atomic Lollipop. There was a Ferris wheel, bouncy castle, etc. set up in the second parking lot of the hotel. Sadly, we didn't stay behind for the fire show only because it was happening at midnight (>__<)"


Here's the video from our dance panel! Everyone did so well! ♥

Overall, I had a great time and it was really fun. We made double the estimated amount for WWF and I'll do a post of the animals we've adopted for donating to WWF! Thanks for everyone for coming by to the cafe and for everyone's hard work to make it success!


  1. My friend Nikki, who I tabled with at Anime North asked me to table at Atomic Lollipop too but I declined thinking it wouldn't be a big enough con to be worth the commute and effort anyway but if I knew you were gonna be there then maybe I would've changed my mind! Missed opportunity to harass you ! I would've loved some of that rainbow cake!! *O* Nice dance video~! MEIDO FIGHTING~~

    1. There obviously isn't a lot of people traffic in comparison to AN, but I think the con has a fun atmosphere :)
      Haha, I could have drove you there! (at least one day...o_o) But yeah, it wasn't officially confirmed we were going to be there until a week before the event(..? or maybe 1.5 week before). I didn't even know what we were doing until the day before...LOL!

      We'll probably go back next year too since this year turned out to be a success :)

      FIGHTING~~~~~! (*o*@)!

  2. Finally a video!! ♥ Wish I could be there too! Seems really fun! That rainbow cake looks really amazing and yummy, I think if you post it up on 9gag everyone will be drooling rainbow over it! XDDD