Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July Doll Meet

July's doll meet was at Village by the Grange again! Like the first Dollfie Dream meet back in February, some of us opted to meet and eat at Manpuku for lunch then move the dolls into the food court to set up the dolls. It was really sunny that day and since part of the food court has a sun roof, it was quite warm. Although sunlight doesn't affect Dollfie Dreams that much, since I'm one of the regular attendees who brings a resin doll, sunlight is a bad thing! I was a bit worried about it since it yellows the resin faster...and we eventually moved to another corner of the food court that had more shade for the dolls.

Group shot!
Zephyria, a Volks MSD Myu
I opted to bring Zephyria this time since she has never been to one of these dolls meets and I keep bring my tiny dolls. She went out briefly last year when I met up with Whitefrosty, Laelen and Draa. Otherwise she stays at home since my MSDs are heavier to bring out to doll meets. Someday I'll have Ventus and Zephyria go out together again... (^__^*)!
I'll have to make them matching outfits first!

I changed up her usual look from her blonde hair and violet eyes to pink hair and blue eyes. They were items I had not used for her yet, and also the dress is from the Tokyo Dolpa we attended! The hat was temporarily borrowed for the picture. I'm not sure which DD outfit it's from, but it's super cute! It fits Zephy's head really well, even though it doesn't look like it in the picture. 

I'm not entirely satisfied with the look I styled her in and my sister said she looked scary! (>__<;;) LOL..
Styling woes~~!

After most of us showed up, we all agreed it was steadily becoming too warm to sit there. It was cooler outside than inside of the food court! So we moved to Grange Park which was right around the corner. 
After searching for a nice area to sit or a nice tree that didn't have a bunch of pigeons stalking about, two gentlemen at a picnic table saw our group headed in their direction since I pointed out some big trees in that area. They kindly let us had the picnic table which we all set our dolls on.

Bigger group shot!
Zephy and Penny ^__^"
Most of the group went to go take photoshoots with the dolls near some of the surrounding buildings and scenery. I opted to sit around the table, take some pictures and chat with some of the people who stayed behind. Turns out AgentPanda (who is Penny's owner) also collects resin dolls too! She stated that she didn't know she could bring her BJDs to DD meets. I just figured...I would bring whatever dolls I had to these meets so I wouldn't feel left out, and it didn't matter if you brought resins dolls or vinyl ones. It's just nice to meet other people who share the same interests and hobbies (^__^@)!

She told me she would bring some of her YoSDs to the next meet, so I'll probably bring Delilah and Lareine again!

Pictures from this doll meet can be seen here, and my sister's are here. She took a lot more pictures than I did, so you can see a lot of close ups of all the girls who were at the meet!
(You might have to add me as a contact to view my pictures ^__^;;)

~Omake (Extra)~
Random bunny bread from the meet!


  1. This Flickr link includes a Guest Pass for my pics from the July doll meet in case people aren't my contacts :)

  2. Finally some of your MSD girl photos lol, I seldom see her around! She looks like she's scheming something lol! Love those bunny bread! So cute!! >w<

    1. I should take more pictures of her! I don't know why I don't...everyone else gets more photo time, but it doesn't mean she gets less love than the rest. She'll always be special to me ♥!
      Haha! She's always kind of had a mischievous look to her :)

  3. I like Zephy's new look! She looks kinda spunky and mischievous~! I love her dress! And what is that little bunny bread thing, so cute~ :O

    1. Haha, well she's back into her normal 'mode' with her long wavy blonde hair and the classic looking dress and rock horse shoes right now :)
      It was a little prop that AgentPanda brought along. She said she bought it at the doll market place at AN! O_O! Bunny bread... :D Make us some!! HAHA :D