Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Luts order: Summer Event 2012

Finally, the Luts group order I did last month finally came in late last week and I picked up the box over the weekend! It's time to blog about what we bought and the summer event head that I received. 

Chun-kun makes an appearance!
I was a bit baffled why it took so long for Luts to ship the order, but I figured because of the event and the fact that we qualified for a free face up on the event head, it would take longer to ship. Although, when a month went by with no notifications, I sent them an e-mail inquiring about the status of the order. The nice thing about Luts is that they have always replied to me promptly and this time around they reassured me that the order would be shipped the following week. 

Since I was at work the day it was being delivered, I picked it up the next day at the post office!

The goodies!
I had to wait until the next day to open the box for some natural light and to take pictures. The large bubble wrapped item is the event head. The order was originally between my sister, Keiko and I, and since they had no interest in the event head, we all agreed that I would keep it. 

Since you have to pass the $300 mark to get the event head, it helps to run a group order to qualify for the free item. Because the final total managed to surpass the qualifications for the free head, we also could get the free face up option for the head too! Since the total between our orders already reached that amount already, I asked Alice if she wanted to participate in the order so we wouldn't have to debate who would have the head. She could still save on shipping for whatever she wanted to buy. (The drawbacks to group order politics! (@_@'')

My order! Ducky ducky!
Haha, Initially, the hoodie was intended for one of my Tiny girls, but I haven't tried it on them yet. I think I'll designate it for the new addition to my BJD family, who will be arriving soon (^__~)!

Yellow tape?!
MSD Rocking Horse shoes
I got a pair of MSD sized rocking horse shoes, inspired by the originals by Vivienne Westwood, and seen in some Lolita fashion! 
At the panel my sister and PlasticFantasic were holding at Anime North, I was flipping through the Leeke catalogue and saw that they had rocking horse shoes. They were super expensive though! Luckily, I found a pair on Luts that were cheaper, so I got them for Zephyria to wear :)
The smaller package is a pair of black lace stocking that are Tiny sized. They were cheap and I thought it would be a nice addition to their wardrobe when I redress my dolls. It was taped to one of the dress sets so it wouldn't slip through the cracks in the box! I thought that was very amusing!

Keiko's order
Keiko has been bonding really well with her MSD girl, Eliza! So most of her order were items for her girl and expanding her wardrobe. The Rose Dress set she got looks really detailed from the packaging! The buttons are made from the same material as the dress, and there seems to be lot of pieces to the set. There was a bit of a hiccup because the original dress she wanted was 'out of stock' even though it was listed as available on the site. So Keiko had to replace the dress with some other items. So she ended up getting the wig, bunny headband (which I have too!) and a pair of glass eyes. The wig should be the same as the one seen in the promo pics for La Sirenita Pine (which is the MSD she has!)

My sister's stuff
My sister got a boy clothing set for her new SD13 boy, Thaddeus, to wear. It's very "Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock)"-like. She'll probably take pictures of her boy in it soon since she picked up her stuff over the weekend. She also got a pair of rocking horse shoes for her MDD and a pair of shoes for her boy. 

Luts HDF paper hands
I didn't take a picture of Alice's item. 
She only asked for a pair of HDF sized Paper hands for Myles.
After checking they were the right item, I've left them bubble wrapped to protect them. (>__<);;
EDIT: Took a picture of the hands since Alice wanted to see them! LOL

On to the event head! I got Type B face up version, since Type A did not appeal to me at all...

Luts Summer Event head 2012 Type B Face up
The face up is dark and I really like it. The sculpt by itself was very nice and although we weren't trying to qualify for the face up, I figured if we had the option to get it since we had surpassed the amount for it, why not? The lips are a bit too dark, since the shade is like a 'shade of dead', but I suppose it fits into the dark and broody concept.

Event head with eyes.
 I put in a random pair of eyes to see what the head would look like with eyes. I don't have a wig that fits this size of head/doll, so it's going to stay bald for the pictures! But there's a definite cold/icy aura from the sculpt and expression. I really like it. The details are fantastic and the shading is really lovely. 
I'm not sure what to do with the head right now...since I don't have the correct sized doll or body for it right now. I guess I'll have a small floating head collection going on?

Until next time Luts!


  1. OMG THE HEAD♥! I definitely like the sculpt! He reminds me of Yurr and if I didn't have him already I might just get the Luts head and make both my Luts heads brothers instead. The faceup is a bit dark for my liking though, but I agree it's very brooding, maybe he could be a sort of reclusive vampire boy? XDDDD

    1. LOL You'd have to spend a lot of money to get the head though! Keep to your "Doll Acquisition" list... X3!
      The other face up offered was not nice at all in my opinion. He had this horrible expression and the eyebrows were weird!
      We'll see what I do with this head. I really don't know >__<;;!

  2. D: And here I wanted to see the hands...hahaha. I was tempted to get the chicky hood for Myles before!! it'll look cute on your new kid ;D The head looks good! Though I am now thoroughly convinced Luts doesn't do faceups like they used to. But it's free..XD I really want those rocking horse shoes from Leeke too, but they're like way out of my budget lol. ;;


      Well, It was kind of an obligation to get the hoodie since it is a yellow bird! Most of the times I've done a group order it hasn't been in stock, but this time around it was so I opted to buy it. :)

      I guess the face ups for event heads wouldn't be as detailed either since they must do a bunch of them (assembly line?). But yea, it was free, so I'm not complaining!

      I know! The ones from Leeke, I could buy 2 life sized pairs for myself...and still have money left over to buy some lolita accessories! @__@; So pricey!

    2. TY <333 :D THEY SO CUTE!!! Can't wait to get themm T__T

      OH YEAH! Forgot lol. They have the hoodie in blue as well, you can be matchy-matchy with the tinies lol

      I suppose, that must be pretty brutal working conditions @_@;;

      I'll get a pair of those shoes for myself first, someday ><