Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Mint on Card Order: Review

My sister and I placed the order for some doll shoes from Mint on Card quite awhile back. The order finally showed up on my doorstep (which I was surprised about because I didn't know my sister was shipping it to me!). 

Originally I wanted to get some boots and flats for my MSDs for a project I wanted to make and finish for Anime North, but I didn't end up having enough time for it and the shoes had not come in either. At the time the items I had ordered were in stock, but one of my sister's 1/3 shoes was a pre-order, so it was not known when the order were going to arrive at Mint on Card. 
The site carries a large selection of shoes, wigs, dolls, etc. The prices are quite reasonable and the quality is not bad at all. They import many well known company items which makes it easier for us to order the items.

Mameshiba makes an appearance!
The site doesn't accept paypal, so you do need to have a credit card to make an order. Also if you do make a pre-order you have to wait until all the items are in stock before they can ship your final order. They don't split up the shipments. (Which is why ours took awhile). We made the order back in the middle of March and it arrived today, a 3.5 month wait!

Mint on Card invoice
The box arrived at my front door, and it was packaged in a sturdy shipping box. Inside was stuffed with packing peanuts and a layer of bubble wrap. The invoice had a marshmallow stuck on it. Wouldn't a mint been more appropriate? (^_~)*

The goodies
Forgive the horrible lighting in these photos. There wasn't much sunlight when I took the photos and I haven't installed photoshop on my computer yet (and I'm too lazy to run them through the editor on Flickr!) >3<;;

All the shoes were individually packaged in plastic zip lock bags and they also have some price tags on them. I was a bit worried about the pair of 1/3 heels that were crammed into the tiny bag. I'm surprised how they got it in there!

1/3 shoes from Angell Studio

A-S Fairy Lady Heels
A-S Lace High Heels
These are the 1/3 shoes my sister ordered from Angell Studio. On the left are the Fairy Lady Heels and on the right are the Lace High Heels. They're really cute and I wish they were real sized because I really like the houndstooth shoes!! The detail on the front is very pretty. The Lace heels have a cute detail on the sides and I was glad that the feathers didn't get crushed in the packaging! These shoes remind me of a pair my sister owns...or something really similar to ones I have seen in person somewhere. Maybe Zara? Or a Louboutin shoe?

Once again I have to wonder why dolls get all these pretty accessories and items when our own closets are lacking... LOL! The pain and woes of a doll collector.

1/6 and 1/4 shoes
These are some of the cheaper shoes that were part of my order. I just got the panda ones because I thought they were cute..and there weren't expensive at all! The flats will get transformed into something else. I don't expect those bows to stay on there for a long time...

These are the boots I got for my MSD boy from Dollzone. They're being modeled by my girl right now though out of convenience just to make sure they fit... >3<;; 

They're quite nice and the belt straps on the top come off too. The style is meant to either be worn up, or folded halfway down. I like how the bottom portion of the shoes look.

I just have to make the outfits that some of these shoes were intended for now! (*o*@)!!

Overall, the order from Mint on Card was a pleasant process. The site is quite up to date with their stock and their pre-order conditions are listed well on their site. They do say when the order will be made, but the time in between isn't really determined. You just have to be patient and the order will be put through. As long as you're not in a rush for some of their pre-order shoes, everything else would arrive within a timely fashion. The package arrived within 2 weeks of shipment through regular First Class post from USPS.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Ooooh the pretty!!

    Those houndstooth shoes are gorgeous!

    And the white boots are spiffy :P

    1. Indeed! I'll have to try them on Makoto eventually I guess? :D Need them in human size..!!

  2. Omg those heels. LOL I NEED THOSE IN HUMAN SIZE. Hmmm what project do you have planned eh? Are you gonna finally be using those Luts gun hands/guns? XD Did you get charged customs? Since I heard MoC marks down the official prices of stuff.

      It's another project I had initially thought of in March. The Luts gun hands/guns are also another side project. SO MANY THINGS TO DO....SO LITTLE TIME! lol

      I didn't get charged customs, but MoC didn't mark down the customs value. It was declared at full value O_O So I think I was lucky...

  3. OMMMMGGG I was eyeing the panda shoes on TB LOL! It looks so cute!! <3

    1. I have yet to try on the shoes on one of my dolls though! XD They are super cute though..and not expensive at all :)