Thursday, March 10, 2011

Love getting mail!! Duckie & Delilah are here!!

I received this earlier in the week.

LOL. Some ghetto packaging! It came from Hong Kong...and I find it amusing, cause seriously, who uses twine to keep a package together anymore? I haven't seen it used a long long Long time!

The surprised that's inside, hidden beneath the random shopping bag and bubble wrap?

I was wailing about this for days. Darn Volks and their Limited Items...Grr. And Curses to the person who was selling it on eBay at an obscene price!! GRR! My sister was nice enough to get it for me on eBay. THANK YOU <3 <3 <3
BUT, it's so darn cute, I don't care!

While I was typing this blog, my doorbell rang and my latest purchase had already arrived at my door! I'm very impressed with the seller, she shipped it Xpresspost! Since I've had Marketplace place access on DoA, I've been checking regularly just to see what dolls have been listed up. Since Alice has been 'subtly' hinting at me to get a Tiny BJD and I've succumbed to the cuteness of them, I found one on the site for a good price. I really liked the sculpt and the face, and when I looked her up on the official website, I was sold!...This hobby is gonna break the bank. (This will be my last BJD in a long time though..where's my job when I need it?!)

So here is her box opening! My first one! (Since my other two dolls were kits that I had to put together...I've never had a doll that I bought that was all put together before)

DollnDoll Heart MO
The box.

My other dolls come to greet my new girl <3

Her box is so tiny! It's so cute!

 The certificate and I see Delilah! Her head is twisted funny..LOL

Her certificate. She was put together on Dec 29, 2010.

 Enyka was kind enough to even send me an extra! Mmm donut...:)

 I see her!

It's kind of like the mummy...she's got lots of bubble wrap protection.

Standing. LOL, Kam Kam knows something..

Her default face up is beautiful.
She came with default blue eyes!

I went away to get my other BJD boxes, cause I had the Tiny wig and outfit in them..
The picture is cute though.

Her other hands, I haven't opened them, but the shape/pose is similar to the ones my other two have.

With the princess wig. LOL Sis bought it for me intending it for Zephyria...
But Mandarake fails on packaging, cause the outside package said S/M.
Inside tag said S. So it didn't fit on my Minis. Fits on Delilah now though!

I love her hands! They're so small and dainty! <3

 The only YoSD size outfit I have. LOL The duckie!
I had to put Zephy's other wig on Delilah's head cause I don't have a short hairstyle in her size...
So it's only staying on because of the hood...^__^'

She's so adorable. Love her!


  1. OMGG SO FAST!!! CONGRATS!!!! SHe's so cute!!! XD lol DUCKIEEE!!!

  2. The duck costume is sooo cute!!!! :D:D:D
    omg..bp I should come over sometime. see your dolls and have some bp time...

  3. @ Alice: I KNOW RIGHT?! SHIPPING ON STEROIDS. LOL Myles and Delilah must go to the park in their duck outfits!!

    Omg...Myles and Delilah. That even sounds pretty good. LOL What have we done?

    @ Kuma: I KNOW!!! Loving the duckie outfit right now. You SHOULD come over!! I don't have anything planned this weekend.

  4. T^T we saw this outfit in the volks store back in march, my boyfriend had his first bjd, but could not afford the outfit until now to find out its gone, duck is his favorite animal , never seen him want something so bad... and it breaks my heart as he wanted no other clothes : < your very lucky to own the pink set too. u_u your doll is very cute. : ]

  5. @Anonymous, Awww, I think you can still find it on eBay, however you will have to pay an inflated price on it. Have you tried looking for it on Den of Angels?