Monday, March 21, 2011

BJD Face ups..Hm...(Part.2)

I finished touching up Ventus' face up a couple days ago, I just didn't upload pictures yet. I think after I finished Zephyria, it was much easier to control the brush strokes. Of course, I didn't have to do as many lashes as I did for her...since he is a boy and I wanted to keep it simple.
I reset his fake lashes, instead of them drooping, I set them to curl up, so then at least when I photograph him, you can kind of sense he has lashes! They're quite short..but now you get the hint of them! I re-painted his lower lashes and added some details to his mouth to define his smile.

The differences are quite subtle right?

While I finished up with Ven, I decided to test out the eyes I recently purchased, I won't show the gold ones, but here are the blue ones. They are really lovely and photograph very well. The ones from Volks (above) are more realistic, and there is a reason I chose these eyes...
But aren't they pretty? I've left them in for now and since Ven and Delilah sit next to each other in my room, their blue eyes compliment each other :)

More random face up things to come! A DD (Dollfie Dream) will be next..once I finish it ^__^'

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