Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What's with the Kumas?

Been sewing too many kuma bears...I can't say I don't mind though. I like staring at my BJDs in their funny bear suits. :)
I realized while I was sewing them why I hate velvet...cause the stuff is so annoying to cut! The stuff is so messy and I swear I inhaled a bunch of it into my lungs. Not. Cool.
Sewing it isn't too bad though, especially since I've hijacked my friend's serger and have it set up right next to me while I sew in the basement. I figured out her serger doesn't actually baby-serge, but offers a function that creates a smaller serge. Better than nothing, that's what I think! Cause my heavy duty one upstairs is one setting, I don't even get an option!
"Hello there!"

I've learned that adding KIPS to my BJDs does actually help. The pack I ordered from Volks has pretty much been used up. I put a bunch into Zephyria's limbs so that she could actually pose a bit better. She's become quite loose lately...I suppose her stringing had become looser throughout the years. So I re-strung her a couple days ago and she poses better now. :) I figure, at least they can actually keep their arms up and what not, considering Zephy was just a floppy mess. Ventus is a curious case though, perhaps because he's newer that he poses much easier. Maybe I'll look into hot glue sueding someday...

Enough of the BJD talk!
So I finished a funny looking plush for my friend today. She called me up specifically and asked if I could make her a teddybear for her nephew. I thought the request was rather strange, but hey, it's not like I'm busy. The only things she wanted me to do was to use natural materials, preferably cotton and also to stuff the insides with cotton. Now...I haven't seen cotton stuffing in a long time, unless I use cotton balls. LOL She told me to use the left over fabric to stuff it...
I had the great challenge of hoping that it didn't look lumpy bumpy.

So after finding some nice 100% cotton Terrycloth fabric, I went sewing away. Mom thought I was going to make a 'pancake' bear. Basically cut out the 2 pieces in the shape of a bear, and sew them together. So when I showed her it had limbs, her reaction was, "EHH? That's the bear?! Why is is so cute?!"

Mom obviously has no faith in my abilities <_<; I didn't really think too complicatedly for this little project anyways...I figured, baby plushes shouldn't be too crazy looking.

I think it's very amusing to look at. Plus, since it's made out of will absorb drool very well? LOL


  1. Awww, the plushy bear is so adorable and it defently will absorb drool lol...

  2. Thank you <3
    That's what my friend said when I gave it to her a couple days ago! Good for drooling on and wiping drool..